Bus driver punches activist who reported him for napping on the job

 |Aug 28, 2017
– Facebook pic

PETALING JAYA: An activist who scolded a bus driver whom he caught dozing off behind the wheel was punched by the driver.

Thomas Fann’s complaint on Facebook last night has been shared 276 times. He was traveling back to JB from KL on the express bus, which he did not name.

Fann, an activist from the non-governmental organisation Engage, explained that he had found the driver asleep behind the wheel after the bus stopped near a traffic light in Seremban.

“The light had turned green and all the other vehicles had moved but our bus remained stationary for about 10 minutes. Puzzled, I went to the front of the bus to investigate and found him soundly asleep. I had to shake him firmly a few times before he woke up,” Fann, who is from JB, said.

“I told all the other passengers what happened and they were all alarmed and concerned for their safety. I called the bus company and informed the person what happened and requested for a change of driver.”

Fann added that a few minutes later, the bus driver stopped near the Seremban toll, came to his seat and tried to pull Fann out of my seat.

“He wanted me to get off the bus for making the complaint and when I refused, he suddenly punched me on my left eye. The other passengers held him back as he continued to hurl abuses at me and tried to hit me again.”

Fann related that he got off the bus when it stopped for a toilet break at Pagoh and got on another bus to return to JB.

“We need bus companies to properly vet their drivers to ensure that the safety of their passengers are not compromised. Apart from making a police report, I have submitted a complaint to SPAD and am considering legal action against the bus company.”

He later commented: “Pursuing justice is not an easy matter. Just got back from the medical examination after waiting for more than 3 hours at the A&E of Hospital Sultanah Aminah. Because the incident took place in Seremban, I have to travel back to Seremban tomorrow early morning to give my statement at IPD Seremban.

“I am sure this is just the beginning of a series of going back and forth, a lot of time and expenses involved. One would be tempted to just give up but I will not.”

According to The Star Online, the operations manager for the Penang-based bus company said he was aware of the incident and the driver had since been suspended.

“I wouldn’t want to comment much because it is already being investigated by the police,” he said.