Norlela might not contest in GE14 if health doesn’t allow it

 |Aug 15, 2017

GEORGE TOWN: PKR’s Penanti assemblyman Norlela Ariffin says she will only decide on whether or not to contest in the next general election after knowing her medical condition in two weeks’ time.

Norlela, who is currently being treated in hospital for a stroke, said she had been advised by her doctor not to go though any form of stress which could harm her health.

“I’m not saying it’s a definite decision whether or not to contest – for one thing I’m not liked any more and might even be dropped from contesting, and the second thing is my health.

“I’ve been working hard and have brought up the issue of illegal factories time and again. I never expected it to come to such an extent that a state exco be detained by MACC.

“It should be understood that I only wanted the factory to comply with the regulations and my intention was just to tackle the problem due to the complaints I’ve been receiving from the villagers,” she said when contacted by Malaysia Outlook.

Norlela was thrust into the limelight after she was somewhat blamed for the arrest of a DAP state exco by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) which was investigating the latter’s involvement in an illegal factory in Kampung Sungai Lembu in Penanti.

The exco was said to have written letters to the Seberang Perai Municipal Council (MPSP) seeking a postponement of action against the factory which sits on an agricultural land.

Norlela admitted to having received nasty messages following the exco’s arrest and had earlier said that she never would have guessed that just doing her duty as a state representative could cause the arrest of another.

She also stressed that she harboured no ill feelings against DAP and was only doing her duty.

“The matter was brought up by me two years ago and many illegal factories were shut down.

“It surprises me why only now the MACC is taking action but all said and done, I did thank them for carrying out their duty but that was done before I knew they had arrested a state exco,” she said.