‘Patience in the face of adversity a noble virtue’

 |Jun 21, 2017
File pic credit Facebook Najib Razak.

Prime Minister Najib Razak today called on Muslims to continue exercising patience through all trials and tribulations although Ramadhan is coming to an end.

He said trials in life were a test to gauge one’s patience and faith, and fasting during the holy month was one way to build up the virtue of patience.

“Bearing hunger and thirst, feeling what it’s like for those who are underprivileged requires a high level of patience, and the same goes for performing supplementary prayers throughout Ramadhan.

“Imagine how glorious could be the virtue of patience, when there are 43 verses explaining about it in the Quran,” he said on his blog post at www.najibrazak.com.

Najib, who also cited Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) struggle in fighting for Islam, said despite the many challenges, abuses and resistance faced by the Prophet, it was because of  patience that Islam was successfully spread to the people.

“Hence, I hope that we all draw inspiration from the patience of the Messenger of Allah in the face of adversity, because Allah has promised victory to those who are patient,” he said. – Bernama