Misbun returns to help realise Chong Wei’s dreams

Jun 10, 2017
Misbun (left) with Chong Wei during a recent meet up. Photo from Misbun’s Instagram account

After almost seven years, national badminton legend Misbun Sidek has returned to the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) to help realise the dreams of Lee Chong Wei.

Misbun admitted that it was difficult to reject the request by Chong Wei who badly needed his service to achieve the dream of winning at the World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland in August.

He said the persistent persuasion of Chong Wei finally opened his mind to return to BAM apart from a discussion with BAM president Norza Zakaria.

“I must admit Chong Wei was instrumental in my return to join BAM. He visited me several times and I could see he really needed my help.

“He came to see me about seven to eight times…when the child comes looking, the parents are bound to help,” he said.

” So I acceded to his request as I considered him like my own son. I could see the determination and based on that I accepted (the coaching position),” he said when met by reporters at his residence in Ukay Perdana.

Despite his earlier misunderstanding with BAM’s management which resulted in him giving way to other individuals to train Chong Wei, Misbun said he has been following the development of Chong Wei closely in the past seven years after parting ways with BAM.

“Chong Wei is still practising the skills I instilled in him even though I had left BAM since 2011 and his performance now has its ups and downs.

“Maybe Chong Wei wants me to return as he wants to complete learning from me and wants end his career with me,” he said.

Misbun was individually responsible for grooming Chong Wei to emerge as the first men’s singles player to win all Super Series titles and followed by prestigious achievements such as Olympic Games silver medals and three All-England titles.

Misbun also sounded an early warning to the national young players to be prepared for his radical training which he will be implementing soon.

According to him, young players should also give their full commitment to training as well as carrying out their responsibilities as national players or faced being dropped from the squad.

He said he would be assisting to draft out all know-how on game strategy as well as the technical skills of players and that the players should accept the decisions made for them.

Meanwhile, Misbun’s return is good news for Chong Wei.

The world champion said the return of his mentor to BAM provided a new ray of hope for the national badminton singles squad.

“With the return of Datuk Misbun Sidek as head coach, it is hoped that he will help the men’s singles squad to regain their status on the international stage.

“I had meetings with him and after the third meeting, he finally agreed to return to BAM,” he told reporters after undergoing a daily training at Malaysian Badminton Academy in Bukit Kiara.

Commenting further, Chong Wei said Misbun’s appointment as head coach was a good development for him and the team who would participate in the World Badminton Championships in Glasgow, Scotland from Aug 21 to 27.

Meanwhile, Chong Wei reminded all BAM’s young players to get ready for Misbun, who would start coaching on July 1. –Bernama