Election Commission receives notice on Nenggiri vacancy

Jun 4, 2017

The Election Commission has confirmed that it has received a notice on the vacancy of the Nenggiri state seat from the Kelantan State Assembly Speaker’s Office following the incumbent Mat Yusoff Abdul Ghani being disqualified due to bankruptcy.

A spokesman for the EC’s Kelantan branch said they would be notifying the EC headquarters in Putrajaya on the development.

Speaker Datuk Abdullah Ya’kub said the letter was hand delivered to the EC’s Kota Bharu office at 12.40pm today (Sunday is a working day in Kelantan).

“It is my duty to inform the Kelantan EC on the vacany,” he told Bernama.

The Selangor branch of the Insolvency Department had notified the Kelantan State Assembly Speaker’s Office on the assemblyman’s bankrupt status via a letter on May 28. –Bernama