Police rescue 11 Rohingya human trafficking victims

Jun 3, 2017

Police rescued 11 Rohingya human trafficking victims, nine of them children – seven boys and two girls, in a raid at a premises in Hang Kasturi in Kuala Lumpur.

In the 11am operation on Thursday, a team from the Secret Societies, Anti-Vice and Gambling Division of the Dang Wangi police headquarters rescued the victims, aged 10 to 20 years, who had been confined at the premises.

Dang Wangi deputy police chief Supt Habibi Majinji said police also detained six Myanmar nationals, four men and two women, aged between 25 and 30 years, who were believed to be members of a syndicate which trafficked in Rohingyas.

“Police also seized five note books which had details on the sale of children, six handphones and RM12,000, believed to be ill-gotten money,” he told a press conference at the Dang Wangi police headquarters yesterday.

He said from the note books, police believed six victims had been sold off.

“The suspects brought the victims from the north of the peninsula and kept them confined at the premises. If there is a request, the victims would be sold at an agreed price,” he said, adding that the children were sold at between RM1,200 and RM1,500 each, mainly to begging syndicates.

“We are now going after the buyers,” he added. –Bernama