Government committed to achieve universal access to quality health care

 |May 22, 2017
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The government is committed to achieve universal access to quality healthcare by improving the foundation of the country’s health system.

Deputy Health Minister Dr Hilmi Yahaya said yesterday, to achieve the goal, due emphasis had been given to all areas of health, including oral health by establishing a wide range of facilities.

He said the health sector was part of the socio-economic system and progress in the health care system implemented by the government and crucial in efforts to improve overall quality of life.

“This effort led to several important developments in oral health care, and we now have 700 dental facilities throughout the country. However, the National Health and Morbidity Survey in 2015 showed that only three out of 10 people visited dental clinics in a year.

“The same survey also showed that over a third of the population had never been to any dental clinic. These findings suggest that the importance of periodic oral health check among the people need to be improved,” he said in his opening speech at the National Level Buddhist Associations and Oral Heath Cooperation Programme 2017 in Seremban, yesterday.

Also present were State Health Director Dr Zainudin Mohd Ali, Health Ministry’s Principal Director (Oral Health) Dr Noor Aliyah Ismail and Devotees of Deity San Kau Tong Association chairman Mah Kin Hock.

Dr Hilmi said the ministry would continue intensifying efforts to increase public awareness about the importance of oral health.

“All parties should be aware that people’s health is not the responsibility of government and service providers alone, the people have to be proactive in taking care of their own health,” he said.

About the collaboration programme of oral health with religious institutions, Dr Hilmi said the religious institution was the best platform to deliver health messages including dental care to the public.

“I am confident this cooperation can form the basis of more robust delivery of health education,” he said. – Bernama