People must assess and think properly when choosing government – Salleh

May 20, 2017

The people must be smart in making assessments and think properly when determining the government which will ensure peace and stability in the country, said Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak.

During elections, the opposition parties would bring up many issues to badmouth the government just for their political aims.

“When the general election comes, we see the opposition leaders trying to bring up many issues. But we have to remember that their aim is just to fish for votes purely for political reasons.

“Their objective is not to help the people or develop the nation. So we have to think and not let ourselves be used by such leaders. The public will determine the future of the country,” he said.

Salleh was speaking at the launch of the Pesta Kaamatan Kadamaian 2017 celebrations at Kampung Taginambur Jaya, near Kota Belud yesterday.

He said the people must know that only the Barisan government can ensure the nation remains peaceful and stable.

“It has been proven that only the BN government has the policies which can develop the people and nation. We have many policies, such as the policy to help the bumiputera and to help the handicapped.

“When we look at the opposition, especially in Sabah, they are also fighting and cannot agree with each other. All they do is form new parties…if they can unite and really fight for Sabah, then they will have understanding (with each other).

“There are leaders in Sabah who were with one opposition party and have now moved to another opposition party. What is the objective? Definitely, only to become a candidate or they want a position and they are only there during the election…after that, they disappear,” he said.

On the event, Salleh said the people should be grateful that they are able to celebrate Kaamatan each year peacefully.

“I hope this festival is celebrated with a camaraderie by the people of Sabah regardless of race and religion to strengthen unity.

“Pesta Kaamatan is the best opportunity to strengthen unity, understanding and muhibah among the people of different races,” he said. –Bernama