Najib confident Malaysia can learn from Alibaba

 |May 12, 2017
Pic credit Facebook Najib Razak.

Having left for a working visit to China this morning, Prime Minister Najib Razak updated his Facebook followers a few hours ago, informing that he has arrived in Hangzhou.

Writing about the city situated in the Zheijang Province, Najib said that it has developed over the years into a modern, high-tech center with an entrepreneurial society.

“Despite that, the city has also preserved her cultural identity and history in the likes of the respected Song Dynasty General Yue Fei.

“The famous West Lake also continues to be the star attraction for families and tourists,” he wrote, adding that Hangzhou today is a vibrant city with a diversified economy.

Also part of the Prime Minister’s agenda this morning in China is meeting Alibaba founder Jack Ma.

Describing the business magnate as his friend, Najib shared several photographs on his Facebook page of the meeting.

“I am impressed with Alibaba’s achievements. They saw the future and were fast in embracing the new way to trade in this 21st century.

“In just 13 years, their transactions have reached 3 trillion yuan or close to RM1.9 triliion. During the Global Shopping Festival last year, Alibaba processed a peak of 175,000 orders per second.”

Najib expressed confidence that Malaysia can learn from the e-commerce company.

“We can definitely learn from this and I am confident that our newly launched Digital Free Trade Zone will be the new hub of digital economy with more people, especially Malaysians both in rural and urban areas, benefiting from it,” he wrote.