Grassroots loyal to Umno

 |May 11, 2017
File pic credit Umno Online.

Ismarani Adnan has been with Umno for 33 years. She first joined when she was 27 and even now, as she is approaching retirement age, she never tired of contributing to the party.

The Segambut branch Wanita Umno committee member believed that the party was the only one that could guarantee the welfare of the people, especially the Malays.

Further reiterating her belief for the party was that the Segambut Division (P117) had never lost during an election since it was formed, despite being slightly affected by the political tsunami of 2008.

“This party is the one preserving the status of Islam in the country and protecting the power of the kings, the symbol of the Malay strength.

“It is also thanks to Umno that we are able to have education, jobs and a stable economy,” she said to Bernama.

Despite the various accusations hurled by certain quarters towards Umno, her loyalty to the party hardly wavered.

A family of supporters

It comes as no surprise that she was raised in a family that strongly supported Umno. Her late father, Adnan Anuar, was an especially loyal Umno supporter.

“My late father joined the gathering on May 13, 1969 at Balai Datuk Harun (Kuala Lumpur) (now the site of the Selborn building) and was hurt when a stray bullet hit him. He was rushed to HKL (the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital).

“His right foot had to eventually be amputated to save his life,” shared the mother of three.

Her siblings inherited their father’s loyalty and passion towards the party. Her brother, Bakhtiar Adnan, is the Vice Chief of the Segambut Umno Division.

Ismarani ensured that her children, now in their 20s and 30s, are also registered as members of the party.

“I hope for unity among Umno members and the Malays in general and for their vote for BN in the 14th general election (GE14),” was her brief reply when asked about her hopes for May 11, when Umno celebrates its 71st Anniversary.

An impressive history

For the Branch Chief of Umno Guar Pasir, Rantau Panjang, Kelantan, Mohd Faizal Daud, his introduction to Umno began in his teens when he first became interested in delving further into the nation’s history.

Unlike Ismarani, his inclination towards the party was not by influence of any family member. In fact, several of his uncles were members of the opposition party.

It was the history of the party that appealed to him, as he saw it filled with elements of struggle.

“It is important to learn from history, so as not to repeat the mistakes of those before us,” said Mohd Faizal, who registered as a Guar Pasir Umno Youth member at age 23.

Now, at 35, he is in his fourth year holding the post of the Guar Pasir Branch Chief.

He acknowledges the accusations and poor views held by certain people towards Umno but believes it is to be expected for a political party, especially one that has been around for as long as Umno has.

“I am with Umno. Have been with it and will continue to be with it. If we have a problem with someone in Umno, why should we leave the party?

“To me, that is a personal issue. They need to look back on the struggles of Umno that has brought our people and nation to greater heights,” he said.

Umno will survive

Mohd Faizal, who is also the president of the Kelantan Graduates Assembly (Himsak) said he was not worried about the future of the party.

He said this was because the party’s leadership had a detailed plan for its future including ensuring its survival as a party championing the struggles of the Malays through Transformasi National 2050.

His hope in conjunction with the 71st anniversary of Umno was for members mulling to quit the party to reconsider the history and struggles of Umno.

“Perhaps we could do a reenactment of the events leading up to the formation of the party. We could retell the stories of what happened every decade since then and the significant achievements for the people and the Malays every 10 years after the party’s formation.

“I find that important. We should also figure out a way to get the youths, especially those in the cities, to come and watch it.” – Bernama