Salleh Keruak reprimands Clare Brown’s Sarawak Report for being rude against Rosmah

May 9, 2017
Minister Salleh Said Keruak raps Clare Brown’s Sarawas Report for being rude against Rosmah Mansor in UK

Mercenary Clare Rewcastle Brown’s Sarawak Report rudely stalked and harassed Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak’s wife Rosmah Mansor in London on Monday.

And, it was rude.

Infuriated by its lack of civility, Minister of Communications and Multimedia Salleh Said Keruak blasted Sarawak Report for demonstrating an absolute lack of decorum and manners by stalking and harassing Rosmah.

He said one would expect people from the so-called civilised England to at least show respect to the wife of a foreign Prime Minister but apparently diplomacy was reserved only for their own kind.

A video footage that had gone viral showed some Sarawak Report people shouting slanderous allegations against Rosmah and her entourage, which Salleh said were “nothing but a pack of lies.”

The stalkers also claimed that freedom of the press allowed them to say whatever they liked.

They then asked Rosmah why she came to UK if she does not want to be stalked.

The Sarawak Report people were absolutely rude. And the fact they felt they have a right to be rude demonstrates the low class of people we are dealing with,” slammed Salleh, who is also Umno treasurer-general.

The minister said the fact Sarawak Report refused to publish its accounts and reveal its source of funds showed it was afraid of being transparent.

Yet they accuse others of that.”

Rosmah is in London now to expand Permata’s Nobelist Mindset program with the cooperation of Royal Society of London and the University of Cambridge.