Malaysia’s top Isis militant Wanndy died last month – IGP Khalid

May 9, 2017
Malaysia’s most wanted Isis militants Muhammad Wanndy Mohamed Jedi was killed in Syria on April 29, 2017.

Malaysia’s most wanted Islamic State (Isis) militant Muhammad Wanndy Mohamed Jedi has been killed in Raqqa, Syria on April 29.

Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar confirmed this following recent speculative reports claiming that the country’s most wanted terrorist had been killed in an attack.

“After reviewing intelligence, we can confirm that Wanndy was killed in an attack in Raqqa, Syria, on April 29,” Khalid tweeted yesterday via his @KBAB51 handle.

News about Muhammad Wanndy’s death was triggered recently by a Facebook post by his wife Nor Mahmudah Ahmad, 28, who hinted that her husband could have been killed in a drone strike.

The Star reported that Mahmudah had accepted her husband’s fate and vowed to carry on with his struggles in Syria.

“My mujahid (Islamic fighter), finally it is your time to go. I will remain here and carry on with the work you started. I accept this as fate,” Nor Mahmudah wrote in her last posting.

Muhammad Wanndy, 26, from Durian Tunggal, Malacca, left for Syria in 2015 with Nor Mahmudah.

Attempts to contact his family were futile as they had moved away.

The top Isis recruiter in Malaysia was on the United States’ most-wanted list for his involvement in funding and providing operational support for the terror group.

He was known to recruit people mostly via social media and messaging apps.

Said to be the man calling the shots in Malaysia from his base in Syria, Muhammad Wanndy directed the bombing of Movida club in Puchong, Selangor, in June 2016 – the first Isis attack in Malaysia – which injured eight people.

Numerous suspects arrested in connection with the Isis were often reported to have received orders and funding from Muhammad Wanndy.