Daim the man behind Bank Negara forex scandal?

 |May 9, 2017
Mahathir – Anwar – Daim knew all details about the Bank Negara forex scandal.

Shamsher Singh Thind is up in arms again.

He accuses DAP or removing all the anti-Mahathir Mohamad articles from the party website, especially all those articles related to the US$10 billion Bank Negara forex losses.

This cover-up exercise was done soon after Lim Kit Siang appeared before the special task force that was investigating this matter and was preparing its recommendations to the RCI.

It is apparent that Kit Siang was trying to cover his tracks and erase all traces of what he said in the past about Mahathir and the forex issue.

Either Kit Siang is trying to change his story or whatever he said in the past was not true or he has no evidence to support what he said.

Whatever it may be this looks very bad for Kit Siang, plus of course for Mahathir.

If Kit Siang is not careful the forex issue may be his Waterloo and 2018, DAP’s 53rd Anniversary and the 53rd year of Kit Siang’s foray into politics, will be the year Kit Siang gets buried just like the first time in 1999.

Kit Siang’s feeble attempt to erase all articles regarding Mahathir and the forex issue from DAP’s website has done more damage than good.

Not many people knew about these articles.

Now the whole world knows.

They should have done nothing and no attention would have been brought to these articles.

Now those articles are being widely distributed even though you can no longer find them on DAP’s website.

The most interesting thing about this investigation is that finally we were being told that Daim Zainuddin was the key person behind the whole disaster.

The one-time Bank Negara Governor Ismail Ali bumped into the one-time Bank Negara Governor Jaffar Hussein (both who died in 1998) at the airport back in the early 1990s and the former asked the latter how bad was the whole situation.

Jaffar told Ismail the situation was very bad and that the instructions to play the forex market, and then to cover up the disaster after that, actually came from Daim Zainuddin himself and that Mahathir was very much in the loop.

Kit Siang actually knows this but he does not want to say it.

In fact, he is trying to erase all traces that he ever said this from the DAP website.

Kit Siang knows he has promised to ‘hang’ all those behind the US$10 billion forex loss.

And this would mean Mahathir and Daim.

But now Kit Siang cannot do that because he needs Mahathir.

If not there is no way he can become the next prime minister of Malaysia if Pakatan Harapan wins enough seats in parliament.

And Mahathir would gladly make Kit Siang prime minister if he can save his son from going to jail plus get to keep the RM100 billion of Umno’s money he has parked under the names of nominees, trustees and cronies. – Malaysia Today

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