Malaysia may get more floods, not haze, this year

May 8, 2017
Flooding in Malaysia.

The country many not suffer from the annual haze this year.

But chances of Malaysians enduring heavy flooding would increase as the country continues to have unusually heavy and erratic rainfall.

Natural Resources and Environment Minister, Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar, said Jakarta had assured that Malaysia would not be affected by the haze this year.

“They have responded well to our concerns. They have given their assurance that there will be no fires that will cause haze,” said Wan Junaidi at a press conference after launching the Hydroflurochlorocarbon Phase out Management Plan Stage 2 seminar in Subang Jaya today.

Moreover, he said rainfall in many parts of the country would help to ward off any haze and combat air pollution as well.

However, the minister pointed out that the El Nino phenomenon won’t be so strong this year, hence floods if there was too much rain.

Indonesia changed its way of handling the haze in 2015, following diplomatic talks with Malaysia.

Now, Jakarta does not need to wait for a province to declare a state of emergency before sending assistance to control forest fires.