Eight months gone, Matthias Chang, Husam yet to refile suit against 1MDB

 |May 8, 2017
Husam Musa and Matthias Chang yet to refile their suit against 1MDB in the USA after vowing to do so eight months ago.

It’s been eight months, when will pentaksub (bigots) Mahathir Mohamad, Matthias Chang and Husam Musa refiled their class action suit against 1MDB in the USA.

On August 11, 2016, the pentaksub-tegar (hard core bigot) Mahathir and advisor, Matthias Chang and Amanah’s Husam Musa proudly filed a class-action suit against 1MDB in the USA.

The Pakatan people cheered wildly for them!

Then a little more than a month later on September 23, both of them withdrew giving the main excuse that the DOJ has withdrawn the blanket injunction on Red Granite on August 1 (US time).

So, I questioned Matthias why he was so clueless to file a suit a full ten after it was known that the DOJ had withdrawn the blanket injunction.

This got Matthias really mad and he insulted me and Minister Salleh Said Keruak in a video.

Husam and Chang reportedly said that they will make amendments and refile soon.

When contacted, Matthias assured Malaysiakini that he and Husam knew what they were doing and that it was all part of their plan.

“Don’t worry. (He who) laughs last, laughs best. Salleh Keruak’s press statement is counting chickens before they are hatched. All thunder but no rain.

“We know what we are doing. Watch my video speech again ‘DOJ Bombshell’. Soon he has to eat back all his words. Have faith in God,” Chang said in a WhatsApp message.

Well, that was 8 months ago.

There is no sight of any re-filing of their suit against 1MDB still.

This means Matthias and Husam didn’t, in fact, know what they were doing.

Time to apologise to all Malaysians, Matthias and Husam.

You’re only good at tipu (cheat or lie) and insults.

If you don’t like what I said, please go on hunger strike until death (for the umpteenth time) to protest.

Why does Mahathir surround himself with such crackpots and even made him his political secretary while he was prime minister?

Other than throwing childish slurs at Minister of Information, Salleh Said Keruak, pseudo-preacher Matthias Chang is also unhappy with me and asked me (whom he calls Cina-Kuey, to shut-up in his video.I had questioned why Husam Musa and him withdrew their suit only on 23rd September giving the main excuse that the DOJ has withdrawn the blanket injunction on Red Granite on 1st August (US time) when this was already known ten full days before Husam and Matthias filed their suit on 11th Aug.Matthias said he only knew about the consent order on Sept 15th but the agreement with Red Granite was already filed by the plaintiffs, the DOJ themselves and was widely reported on August 1st (US time) http://www.wsj.com/articles/film-company-u-s-reach-pact-in-1mdb-related-case-1470100852The DOJ actually uploaded this on the website on the same day – which was why I was able to post the screenshot of the documents on Aug 2nd: in my FB: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1837803913105061Seriously, this was Mahathir's political secretary for many years? Matthias, when are you challenging the UMNO leaders to yet another hunger-strike until death and whoever dies first is the winner?Yesterday, Minister Azalina Othman also gave her opinion saying that Husam and Matthias's reasons to withdraw their suit does not make sense.She said:"Husam's justification…by saying that the withdrawal is for the purpose of aligning the claims following new developments in the case, is unacceptable."If there is necessity to furnish any additional facts to the pleading, this can be done without withdrawing the action through a supplementary application," Azalina said in a statement.Husam said the suit was withdrawn to take into account the DOJ's deal with producer Red Granite Pictures, to set aside future profits from the film the Wolf of Wall Street, said to be funded using 1MDB money.However, he said he needed to gather more details from his lawyers, while Chang assured that the duo know what they are doing.Azalina said their actions last Friday showed the suit was "frivolous" and was a "cheap" publicity stunt."The duo, not only attempted to embarrass Malaysia, but can also be seen as unaware of the court processes and the basic requirements of filing a class action."They are politically motivated and rushed the matter for the purpose of gaining mere publicity by means of abusing the court," she said.PS: Dear Matthias, I talk a lot and should shut-up? Where's the freedom of speech. At least I don't make myself look like a candidate for Maharaja Lawak like you.The quality of PakaTun is really low.https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/356988

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