Racial politics not the way, DAP

 |May 6, 2017
DAP Superman Hew.

Hew Kuan Yau, otherwise known as Superman Hew, is a racist and also a product of the DAP.

He has made racist remarks since social media found him.

He made a racist remark during the previous Sarawak election saying that the DAP had chosen a Malay candidate so he could be used to “screw the Malays.”

After Malaysia’s badminton event at the 2016 Olympics, Hew wrote another racist remark on his Facebook page.

News portal ‘The Mole’ reported the following:

Via his Facebook account, Hew, who is widely known as the “DAP superman”, wrote this in Chinese:

污桶聽好,如果華人真的 balik cina,馬來西亞奧運吃蕉啦”(Listen properly Umno. If Chinese really go back to China then Malaysia will eat banana in the Olympics)

Ironically, in the second paragraph of Hew’s posting, the former DAP Teluk Intan parliamentary liaison committee chief who despite his resignation is still known to be actively involved with DAP, wrote this:

Sini tanah Malaysia, bumi Malaysia! Kita semua anak Malaysia, no more racism.” (This is Malaysian soil, the land of Malaysia! We are all Malaysians, no more racism.)

Hew claims to have left the DAP, has never been condemned by the DAP for making racist remarks.

He said he resigned all party posts and from the party, after he was criticised for making a brief Facebook remark in Mandarin in July, where he asserted that the South China Sea belongs to China and said China should not be opposed merely because one is anti-communist.

The Malay Mail Online reported that Hew, who said he had joined DAP since the age of 19, recounted all the nurturing and opportunities afforded to him by the party and party veteran Lim Kit Siang, including the drawing of comics, writing statements and training to deliver speeches.

This is an admission and evidence that Lim Kit Siang nurtures a new generation of racists in the DAP, and uses Malays to ‘screw the Malays.’

But this is nothing new.

When the 3rd General Election results came out for the state of Selangor on May 10, 1969, the Alliance (Umno, MCA and MIC) had won 14 state seats.

The Opposition which comprised of the DAP, Gerakan and an independent candidate, won nine, four and one seats respectively, making it a 50-50 win.

Supporters of both parties went wild immediately.

For two days victory parades were held and racial slurs such as “Death to the Malays! Sakai go back to the jungle!“, “Kuala Lumpur belongs to the Chinese” and “What can the police do? We are the rulers! Throw out all the Malay policemen!“ were hurled at the Malays be they civilians or policemen.

That was then, and the following is now.

Apparently today, it was reported that a young Chinese, probably attracted to the DAP’s brand of racist politics, displayed his uncivilised DAP-nurtured behaviour outside a mosque in Johor Bahru during Friday prayers.

He blared his car’s horn non-stop while the Muslims were praying.

For his primitive behaviour, he received an equally primitive response:

I do not condone the mob rule that took place, but neither do I condone the rude behaviour displayed by the Chinese male. Whether that is the true story or otherwise is not immediately known but the video has gone viral on WhatsApp.

And because some groups have been actively telling people about “their rights” which could be wrong, more and more people are becoming rude and disrespectful towards the authorities.

This guy does not sound Indian nor Malay.

In January 2017, a couple who harassed a MBSA parking attendant got their two-week jail term increased to five months.

The couple, known to be supporters of the opposition, tried to confine the parking attendant by restricting her movements for slapping them with a parking ticket.

Such behaviour is seen now and was seen in the run-up to the 3rd General Election that resulted in the May 13 tragedy.

This is not surprising because this is how lawmakers from the DAP behave towards the law of the land and towards the authorities, the famous one being of DAP’s member of Parliament for Tanjung, Ng Wei Aik, who was rude towards the authorities when he refused to pay a RM10 parking fee!

Wei Aik was once charged for writing a seditious post in a Chinese daily.

Although he was not found guilty, the fact that he skirts around the definition of sedition shows the true nature of the DAP.

This is how uncivilised the DAP and their supporters are.

While many Malaysian Chinese prefer peace and prosperity for all, DAP and its supporters prefer tension to be created so that if racial clashes happen, they can cry foul and blame the Malays for being oppressive.

What we need is more people like the Singapore Land Transport Authority Officer when faced with a Chinese woman angry about how vehicles belonging to Muslims are being parked outside the mosque.

So remember, do not vote for the DAP if you continue to want unity, peace and prosperity. – SeaDemon Says


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