Do not speculate on Pravin’s death – MIC

May 5, 2017
MIC Youth chief C. Sivaraajh.

MIC Youth has called on the public to not speculate on the death of 15-year-old boy, S. Pravin, and allow the police to investigate thoroughly the case.

Its chief, C.Sivarraajh in a statement on Thursday said baseless and unfounded accusations may trigger misunderstanding and that should be avoided.

“We share the grief but the real cause of his death must be ascertained in a truthful and professional manner,” he said.

Pravin who had stopped schooling in March died on Tuesday after allegedly being forced to drink poison by a group of glue sniffers.

However, police have not ruled out that Pravin could have committed suicide by drinking poison over a case of unrequited love. – Bernama