MCF to let cops investigate chess dress mess

 |May 4, 2017
File pic WIkipedia.

The Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) said it will extend its fullest co-operation to the police with regards to the investigation into the dress code fiasco.

In a statement by the federation’s deputy president Tengku Ahmad Badli Shah as reported by Star Online, MCF also said it has ceased its own investigations into the matter.

Tengku Ahmad Badli Shah said this was because the National Scholastic Chess Championships 2017’s tournament director had filed a police report and the federation will now let the cops investigate.

The chess dress issue came to light following a Facebook post by a chess coach Kaushal Khandhar who claimed that one of his students had to withdraw from the tournament due to a dress code issue.

On their initial internal investigation, Tengku Ahmad Badli Shah said the Investigation Committee formed on April 30 found that the 12-year-old girl was not disqualified or forced to withdraw from the tournament.

Previously, the tournament director Sophian A Yusof claimed he was not at the scene during the dress code exchange between the girl’s mother and the chief arbiter of the tournament.

Meanwhile the chief arbiter K.K. Chan was reported as saying by Star Online that he was considering legal action against the girl’s mother and coach over the claims they made on Facebook.

Kaushal in his Facebook post claimed that he was informed by the girl’s mother that the Chief Arbiter said that the Tournament director deemed the dress the girl was wearing was ‘seductive’ and a temptation from a certain angle far, far away’.

The coach further claimed that the Chief Arbiter apologised to the girl however due to the Tournament Director’s decision, he could not allow the student to wear the dress.

The mother claimed the discussion took place around 10pm and there was no time to obtain new clothing before the start of the next round at 9am the following day.

“The situation had led to the inevitable decision of withdrawal from the tournament all together,” Kaushal wrote.

Both the director and the Chief Arbiter has since denied using the word ‘seductive’ as claimed.

Speaking to Malay Mail Online, K.K. Chan said the arbiters had advised the girl to change her outfit following a complaint made by a teacher from the hosting school.

While the skirt was long, a complaint was made because when she sat down, the skirt hiked up and in that position, it was inappropriate, K.K. Chan said.

He explained that they informed the girl’s mother but she did not listen.