Is it ‘fish and chips’ or ‘ikan bilis and chips’?

 |May 3, 2017
Pic credit Facebook Jaze Phua.

Order fish and chips practically anywhere in the world and one would expect to be served with a nice portion of fish fillet with a side of fried potatoes.

However, for one Singaporean, Jaze Phua, this was not the case.

Taking to his Facebook page recently, Phua shared a picture of a plate of Fish and Chips he had ordered at a restaurant in Singapore which was priced at SGD17.50.

When his order arrived, Phua said he initially thought it was just the appetizer.

Phua was right to think it was just an appetizer because on his plate were 8 pieces of ikan bilis (anchovies) and eight strands of potato chips, and two lemon slices among other minor garnishing.

“I almost died from laughing with internal-organs explosion. It’s like buying a car and instead they give you the toy car for the same price,” Phua wrote.

His post went viral and has garnered some 4,800 Likes since it was first posted on April 28. It has also been shared more than 5,000 times.

The picture Phua shared of his ‘ikan bilis and chips’ dish was also forwarded to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay on Twitter.

Twitter user @JuliaYeeWJ wrote to Ramsay, “@GordonRamsay please rate the Fish n Chips served in one of the restaurants in Singapore priced at $17.50.”

Ramsay responded, saying, “That’s 8 chips & 8 anchovies @ $1 each please… the lemon is bigger than the fish!”

A check on the restaurant’s Facebook page found that another diner had also complained about the fish and chips earlier in January.

The diner commented, “Anyway, the fish and chips was six or seven tiny chips with a whitebait on each, again disappointing.”

Also in April, another diner wrote, “Kinda over rated and more for tourists. Service not fantastic, not too bad either. Finger foods ie actual dish for Fish and Chips turn out to be ikan bilis and potato wedges, how innovative it is… sizzling beef is ok. The craft beer are so so only.”