MOVC: Higher cost of living or higher cost of living-it-up?

 |May 2, 2017

What is more talked about these days than politics is the rising cost of living.

Many have voiced out complaints with regards to the prices of goods and services having gone up, making life seemingly difficult, particularly for urban folks.

However, the pertinent question remains on whether or not it is our cost of living-it-up that has increased.

Meanwhile, many are also blaming the government, indicating that a change may lead to prices coming down.

It deserves to be noted that cost of living is not specifically a political issue, rather it is a socio-economic one.

The economy is a very complex animal. This generally means that we should not look outwards only but inwards as well.

When we compare the prices of things today to the past, we must not forget to counter in the fact that the standard of living has also increased enormously.

In this latest video by MO Vision Channel, Raja Sara Petra takes a look at how the debate on increasing cost of living is something that requires us to look at ourselves as much as blaming external factors.