Zairil, DAP should clarify on latest video, photos

 |May 1, 2017


Remember the DAP’s ‘Superman’ Hew Kuan Yau?

Remember how DAP Emperor Lim Kit Siang backed Hew’s statement to use the Malays to screw Malays?

It seems that the Tokong’s favourite lieutenant has taken the “use Malays to screw Malays” statement to another level.

Three days after asking him and his Malay domestic partner to make a police report about the “fake” photos of them drinking and kissing, they still have not done so.

Today, another set of photos of Zairil Christopher Ross Lim has surfaced.

This time he’s not with Dyana Sofya but reportedly with a journalist.

In a video posted by Parti Cinta Malaysia’s Vice President Huan Cheng Guan, both were seen entering a premise holding hands.

The question now is, will Christopher, the journalist, DAP or the portal now deny that it was Christopher holding hands with her?

Will Christopher also lodge a police report if the photos and video shown were “fake”?

Will he also make a police report on the previous “fake” photos?

If you haven’t seen the video, here is Christopher taking Superman Hew’s statement to another level: Mengaku Melayu screw Melayu. – SeaDemon Says

Seademon is a former head of RMAF provost marshall's office, a safety practitioner and an incident investigator. He was decorated thrice by His Majesty the King. He detests people who run down the country. Loves to research and write on history and law.