Zairil Christopher Ross Lim – DAP’s key Malay leader for the Tokong, Emperor to screw the Malays

 |May 1, 2017
Zairil Christopher Ross Lim (2nd from left) is the key ‘Malay’ man of DAP strongman Lim Guan Eng.

Apparently, the hand-holding incident involving Zairil Christopher of DAP and journalist took place in Kuching.

Both the DAP and web portal are still silent over this issue.

While not openly defending Zairil Christopher, it is expected that Zairil Christopher would be exonerated by the DAP simply because he was Tokong’s errand boy and was the one actively screwing the Malays.

This is the general style of the Pakatan that fights for the people.

Those who are not in the circle of those in power will get chucked out while those who rub shoulders with party supremos get away with murder.

For instance, Rafizi Ramli who is from Wan Azizah’s camp and had been found guilty in a court of law on at least four occasions for incitement and slander is still regarded as a hero.

Adam Rosly who is not from Wan Azizah’s camp, charged in court for giving false statements to the MACC will be given disciplinary action by PKR.

Loh Chee Heng, the Selangor assemblyman accused by the DAP of corruption was expelled from the party.

He has never been charged in court for the alleged corrupt practice.

Yet, Tokong Lim Guan Eng, the graft-accused chief minister of Penang, is still running the administration of both the Pulau Pinang state government and the DAP.

He was charged in court for corrupt practices while being in office, the same way some Javanese guy was jailed for.

Meanwhile, the always Missing-In-Action MP for Gelang Patah, Emperor Lim Kit Siang, has been going around meeting voters in Penang – something he does not do in his own constituency.

Dà Shi Kit Siang knows that it is only a matter of time that his son the Tokong will be languishing in jail and somebody needed to keep the Lim Dynasty in power.

Of course, the Tokong will never get expelled from the DAP for being corrupted.

That is how it works in North Korea as well. – SeaDemon Says

Seademon is a former head of RMAF provost marshall's office, a safety practitioner and an incident investigator. He was decorated thrice by His Majesty the King. He detests people who run down the country. Loves to research and write on history and law.