Wanita MCA condemns chess competition officials over dress issue

 |May 1, 2017
A photo of the “seductive” dress. Wanita MCA has condemned the actions of the championship officials. Photo from Malay Mail Online/Courtesy of Facebook/Kaushal Kal

The organiser and chief arbiter of a chess championship has been condemned by Wanita MCA for forcing a girl to withdraw from the event after finding her dress “seductive”, reported The Star Online.

Its chief Heng Seai Kie reportedly said the main issue was the mindset of the organiser and chief arbiter, who she claimed had misused their powers, and not the girl’s outfit.

“Playing chess has nothing to do with one’s dressing, and from the photo, she was decently dressed,” she said in a statement yesterday.

It was reported that the girl wore a short-sleeved striped dress that stopped just above her knees, with Heng saying the dress had been deemed proper for most events adding that the organiser was being unreasonable.

“It is disgusting and frustrating to see wo­­men being ridiculed, bullied and victimised for silly reasons,” she said.

She also called on those involved in the row to be penalised as a “stern warning to other people not to repeat the same mistake.”

It was previously reported that the girl, who was taking part in the National Scholastic Chess Champion­ship 2017 in Putrajaya on April 14, had been told mid-game by the arbiter that her dress was “improper” and she was not allowed to wear a similar dress for the next round.

The tournament director then alleged that the dress was “improper” and “a temptation from a certain angle, far, far away”.

It was also reported that the girl’s monther, Chin Wai Ling, said “the director only made the decision around 10pm when shops were closing, giving her no time to buy slacks for next day’s 9am start time.”

The humiliated and harassed young Kuala Lumpur district chess champion withdrew then withdrew from the championship.

Meanwhile, Ampang MP and PKR Wanita chief Zuraida Kamaruddin said in a statement that she urged the relevant these “two incompetent and dirty minded adults” from their current positions.

“In fact, there should be a court order to ensure that they keep a safe distance away from all girls. Their behaviour is a threat to children especially girls. These two have absolutely no shame and even dare to publicly declare that seeing legs over a knee-length skirt is a temptation. How disgraceful! If such men cannot control their urges, they belong behind a cage,” she said.

“This incident is not an isolated case and if men keep on blaming girls and women for their own inability to remain unaroused, then there is even a greater need to keep a registry of all sexual offenders and potential sexual aggressors like these two.”