MIC challenges Pakatan to implement Indian blueprint in Penang, Selangor

Apr 29, 2017
MIC CWC member T. Murugiah has challenged Pakatan Harapan to implement its own Indian blueprint.

Indian representative party in Barisan Nasional, the MIC has challenged Pakatan Harapan to produce its own Indian blueprints in the states that the opposition bloc ruled.

Central Working Committee member T. Murugiah said Pakatan should walk its talk that it was genuinely championing for the people from all ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Thus, he said Pakatan-ruled states should implement a detailed policy to assist the Indians.

He blasted the country’s opposition bloc, which has been quick to criticise the federal government efforts to uplift the Indian community, of only being good in spreading lies but doing very little to uplift the Indian community.

“This is why I’m challenging them to introduce a similar blueprint in Selangor and Penang to help the Indian community,” Murugiah said when speaking at a Barisan function at Mentakab, Pahang on Friday night.

He also blasted Pakatan over its flip-flop on the Goods and Services Tax introduced by the federal government on April 1, 2015.

He recalled that opposition leaders and their cohorts criticised the introduction of GST.

But now, he said they have decided to retain the GST if they were to come into federal power.

He said the RM45 billion collected through GST so far had helped the country to sustain itself.

He said the GST showed that Najib was a far-sighted leader as the tax collection had cushioned the impact of the continuous drop in global crude oil prices.

Murugiah also hit out at the opposition for spreading false news to hoodwink the people and sway votes, adding that Pakatan leaders would utter various false news as if like “facts” to confuse listeners.

He cited that the false and senseless claims of 40,000 Bangladesh nationals were in Malaysia to cast their votes during the last general election (GE13) was a fine example that had exposed the opposition’s fake news propaganda.

Now, he said the opposition had claimed that the federal government would bring in 700,000 Chinese nationals to vote in the next general election (GE14).

“This is them, spreading fake news without any proof,” slammed Murugiah.