Penang water surcharge hike – DAP government spins again

 |Apr 28, 2017

After Nurul Izzah announced that the GST was to remain if Pakatan came to power, Penang’s charged-with-corruption leader Lim Guan Eng aka Tokong (deity) has corrected Nurul Izzah’s statement by saying the GST would be zero-rated for all.

In other words, no sales tax would be collected.

Going by simple bookkeeping convention if you lose something, something has to gain.

For example, according to Tokong, the hike in penalties does not translate into higher water tariffs.

What Tokong is saying is that if I loaned you RM10,000 and asked you to pay me back RM1,000 a month plus RM500 in addition to that as a penalty, it means that you were only paying me RM1,000 even if your pocket was RM1,500 lesser every month.

Therefore, at the end of 10 months, you would have paid me RM15,000 but I give you receipts totalling only RM10,000.

This is the logic given by Tokong to justify his wanting to increase water tariffs for the fourth time since being in power.

His excuse that it was to reduce wastage was actually his way of telling his DAP comrades in Selangor that they were all idiots for giving out free water and encouraging wastage.

Well done Teresa Kok et al – Tokong has just proven me right about you and your fellow idiots in Selangor.

The Penang government, being the largest holder of paid-up capital (55%) for the Perbadanan Bekalan Air Holdings Berhad (PBAHB) through State Secretary Incorporated (SSI) had also increased the raw water intake fee from 3 sen per cubic meter to 6 sen since January 1.

Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang Sdn Bhd as the operator then had to incorporate this increase into its treatment and production costs and pass that on to the consumers.

And you wonder why tariffs have been increased four times?

The best part is that Tokong had the cheek to ask TNB to reduce electricity tariffs.

Tokong is not pleased with the attacks against the hike in water tariffs, especially when he cannot refute what were said by especially Rahman Dahlan and Lim Sian See.

I don’t know why BN (Barisan Nasional) does not understand ‘ilmu hisab’ (mathematics). Don’t tell me they do not know what zero means? Zero means nought, ‘kosong’, ‘ling su’ and ‘suzhiyam,’” Lim said at a press conference in Komtar, giving the words for “zero” in Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and Tamil.

We surely know what it means.

You were referring to your IQ, Tokong. – SeaDemon Says

Seademon is a former head of RMAF provost marshall's office, a safety practitioner and an incident investigator. He was decorated thrice by His Majesty the King. He detests people who run down the country. Loves to research and write on history and law.