DAP’s Malay faces yet to lodge report on “fake” intimate photos

 |Apr 28, 2017
Christopher Zairil and Dyana Sofya are yet to lodge a police report on the “fake” viral photos that allegedly showed them having some intimate moment.

A friend of mine was very angry when the photos of Christopher Zairil and girlfriend Dyana Sofya kissing and drinking was spread on social media.

I asked him if he was angry that Christopher Zairil cheated on his wife for the umpteenth time?

No!” he replied. “How can it be cheating if he is allowed to have more than one wife?”

What then?” I asked.

He lies to everyone every time this happens! Has he gone to make a police report to say that the photos are fake? Neither has Dyana!”

This is quite true.

These trusted aides of Tokong Lim Guan Eng and Emperor Lim Kit Siang respectively have not gone to the authorities to say the photos were fake.

All Christopher did was to say that the photos were fake while Dyana likens the act as an intrusion of privacy without even denying that she was not in the photos.

And this time around, the Inspector-General of Police, Khalid Abu Bakar, himself has confirmed that no report had been lodged by either Christopher and Dyana.

And…neither Christopher nor Dyana have responded to journalists asking if they had filed a formal complaint.

These are the Muslim faces DAP has planted to show how friendly it was towards the Muslims, and sadly, some fall for it.

In the words of my friend, “Zairil tu Melayu? Pembohong! Dia tu mak bapak Cina! Dia cuma masuk Melayu bila dengan Dyana!”

Pembohong… just like the political party they represent. – SeaDemon Says

Seademon is a former head of RMAF provost marshall's office, a safety practitioner and an incident investigator. He was decorated thrice by His Majesty the King. He detests people who run down the country. Loves to research and write on history and law.