‘Top Malaysian IS operative now a desperate man’

 |Apr 26, 2017
File pic Wikimedia.

The Islamic State (IS) terror group has reportedly lost faith in Muhammad Wanndy Mohamed Jedi.

He is said to be the group’s top Malaysian operative, however an intelligence source told The Star that Muhammad Wanndy’s failure to carry out planned attacks here has angered the group’s Syrian and Iraqi leaders.

According to the source, Muhammad Wanndy has been given until the end of the year or risk his title being stripped.

“He has promised the IS leaders that he will be able to wreak havoc in Malaysia in several months’ time,” the source was quoted as saying by The Star.

On Muhammad Wanndy’s method, the source indicated that he will target individuals with tendencies to make racist remarks or criticise leaders on Facebook and will attempt to befriend them online.

When there is a response, he will begin indoctrinating them with IS propaganda, the source further said, adding that Bukit Aman is on top of the matter.

Meanwhile, the source said Muhammad Wanndy is also having to deal with preventing some 57 Malaysian militants from leaving Syria.

The militants are said to have lost faith in him, and rejecting cash offers from Muhammad Wanndy to remain there.