Invoke – Rafizi and young men

 |Apr 20, 2017


PKR’s Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli.

The message regarding Invoke is being sent to all and sundry.

This is actually the second time Haris Ibrahim is attempting this exercise.

The first time Haris attempted it was back in 2010 when he was heading MCLM.

And it was John Soh who financed Haris Ibrahim when he tried to do what Invoke is trying to do today (which is a second time they are trying it).

After spending so much money, John Soh decided to drop the whole thing because it failed.

Such idealistic things just do not work in Malaysia.

In fact, it cannot even work in the US or UK.

So the RM300,000 a month they expect to spend on Invoke is just going to be money down the drain.

By the time the next general election comes, RM4 million would have been blown with nothing to show for it.

The message below said:

About 95% of the Invoke staff are below 25 years old and are paid between RM1,800 to RM2,500.

Most of the staff are university graduates and many are from prestigious international universities such as Oxford, Berkley, Melbourne, King’s College.

These 80 staff are smart, honest, dedicated and incredibly hardworking.

They are putting hold of their careers to put in one year with Invoke to remove Najib from power and bring in a democratic two-party system.

I would advise Rafizi Ramli to be very careful with this.

People are beginning to say that Rafizi was spending RM300,000 a month to build up his harem of young men.

Having a harem of young men is one thing but doing so with public money will not go down well with many.

Rafizi is already being accused of having relationships with a number of young men.

There are even ‘sexual e-mails’ of him communicating with these young men, which Azmin’s boys have in their possession.

His further involvement with these Invoke young men might start tongues wagging and the last thing Rafizi needs was rumours of him having gay relationships so close to the general election.

I hear Azmin’s boys are keeping this ‘bomb’ for when the party election is held so that they can kill Rafizi off like they did Zaid.

And these 80 young graduates who Rafizi will have under him (pun not intended) may be just the ammunition Azmin’s boys need. – Malaysia Today

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