DAP government told to reveal cost, payment method, payer for studies on southern Penang island reclamation

 |Apr 14, 2017
Penang Gerakan publicity chief Ooi Zhi Yi (middle) looking at a media report on the proposed Permatang Damar Laut reclamation project.

Gerakan has demanded the Penang government to publicly reveal the cost of the on-going detailed environmental impact assessment (EIA) and feasibility studies along the Permatang Damar Laut coast under the proposed South Reclamation Scheme (SRS).

Penang Gerakan publicity chief Ooi Zhi Yi also demanded the DAP-led state government to disclose on how it was paying for the cost – by cash or by giving away land in lieu, and who was paying for it.

“After more than a year since the reclamation has been proposed, Penang Gerakan demands these answers on the EIA and feasibility reports,” said Ooi in a statement today.

On November 27, 2015, it was reported that the SRS Consortium was conducting the studies along the coast located at the southern tip of the island of Penang.

Ooi pointed out that the EIA report was an important element for the decision-making process to approve or reject a proposed reclamation project.

He said that reclamation and subsequent development would affect local residents, environment, flora, fauna, traffic system and the landscape.

“The state government must ensure that the EIA report is reliable and does not create more problems for Penangites,” said Ooi.

During the state assembly sitting on May 20, 2016, the state Executive Councillor for Local Government, Traffic Management and Flood Mitigation Chow Kon Yeow successfully tabled an emergency motion to suspend all reclamation projects in the state.

The motion states that the state government should not start any land reclamation project until after the Department of Environment (DOE) had approved the project’s EIA report.

Chow, who is also the Penang DAP chairman, said recently that the proposed reclamation works to create three islands off the southern coast of Penang island – Permatang Damar Laut – had not started as the state was yet to finalised its EIA report.