Time for Wan Azizah to quit and let Kit Siang take over as opposition leader

 |Apr 8, 2017
Shahrizat accuses Kit Siang of using Wan Azizah to deceive the Malays into believing that the opposition bloc was led by a Malay.

It’s time for PKR president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to quit and immediately make way for Lim Kit Siang to be the parliamentary opposition leader.

Umno women wing chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said Wan Azizah should do so to stop the DAP’s deceptive political game to trick the Malays into believing that the opposition bloc was led by a Malay.

Shahrizat said that by right Kit Siang should have been the opposition leader by now rather than Wan Azizah, who seems to be lost at sea of parliamentarians.

Indeed, she said given DAP’s current bigger parliamentary strength compared with all other opposition parties, Kit Siang should ideally be the opposition’s pick for the premiership.

She said once Wan Azizah had resigned to make way for Kit Siang, only then the Malays would realise that the next general election (GE14) would be a battle to choose either Najib Razak or Kit Siang as the prime minister.

She said the deafening silence of Permatang Pauh MP Wan Azizah and the loud voice of Gelang Patah MP Kit Siang in the recent parliamentary sitting proved that the PKR president had no control over Pakatan Harapan.

She said Wan Azizah’s inconspicuous presence during the parliamentary proceedings clearly showed that she was just a lame duck, incapable of leading the opposition line in the Parliament.

“It proves that Pakatan was under the clutch of Kit Siang-led DAP,” said Shahrizat in a statement.

The federal ruling coalition Barisan Nasional has 132 MPs in the current 222-seat parliamentary composition, followed by DAP with 36 MPs, PKR 28, PAS 14, Amanah 6, PSM and Pribumi one each, and Warisan and independent two each.

Shahrizat said Lim Kit Siang had deliberately picked the inept Wan Azizah to lead the opposition line just to hoodwink the Malays to believe that the opposition bloc was being led by a Malay leader, to deceitfully hide the fact that “Kit Siang is the actual power behind the throne.”

“It exposed Kit Siang’s slyness.

“By having Wan Azizah as opposition leader, Kit Siang aims to convince the Malays that the opposition was led by a Malay when in truth, it is the DAP that controls the opposition bloc.

“It’s so obvious that DAP is using Malay leaders as its puppets.

“Therefore, we, the Umno women wing, urge Wan Azizah to quit as the opposition leader and let Kit Siang take over so that the Malays would no longer be deceived by political manipulation of DAP and Kit Siang,” said Shahrizat.