Malaysia tightens security against terror threats amidst US air strikes in Syria

Apr 8, 2017

A nationwide alert against possible terrorist threats after the US air strikes against Syria will be maintained by Bukit Aman, reported The Star Online.

It quoted the Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar as saying that the police would be “on the ground to ensure no attacks occur on home soil.”

“We cannot afford to let our guard down, thus we are always in a state of readiness to face any possible threat.

“The safety and security of all citizens are our main priority,” he was reported as saying.

Stricter checks at entry points and border would be put in place in an effort to prevent any Islamic State (IS) terror cells or their sympathisers from going to Syria.

“We are always on high alert to quell any possible threat to the country.

“Our commitment is to uphold the law and prevent any attack in Malaysia,” he said.

The news portal reported that a total of 294 militants have been arrested since February 2013 while 57 Malaysians remained in Syria in the ranks of IS.

Thirty others have been killed in battle and in suicide bombing attacks.