Media misinterpreted me – Shabudin

 |Apr 5, 2017
Tasek Gelugor MP Shabudin Yahya.

Tasek Gelugor MP Shabudin Yahya said his controversial statement on rapist to marry victim was misinterpreted by the media and inaccurate.

“The media reports were mostly inaccurate. The reports gave an impression that I was supporting the marriage between a rapist and a victim,” clarified the Barisan Nasional lawmaker in a statement today.

He said the media reports were taken out of the context, stressing that he had only emphasised on the existing provision of the law that did not hinder marriage for those girls under 16 years of age and boys under 18 years.

He went to explain that according to the Islamic enactment, any girl, aged 16 years and below, who wished to marry, must get consent from her ‘wali’ (guardian) and the court, whereas for boys, aged under 18, must obtain approval from the court.

“This underage marriage can’t be done at their whims and fancy.

“This means the Islamic enactment does not give full authority for the wali to allow the marriage of those girls below 16 and boys below 18,” said Shabudin, who is a former judge of Sharia Court.

However, he said rape remained a crime and that it was up to the police and court to decide on the course of action.

Shabudin was reported yesterday to have proposed the marriage between the rape victim and the offender to solve social problems during the debate on the Child Sexual Offences Bill 2017 at the Parliament sitting.

He said he was referring to consensual sex involving minors, which was now common in the reality of today’s society.

“In solving such problems, families try to cover up and do not lodge police reports, and eventually make the decision to marry them,” he added.