Malaysians want fresh faces, fresh ideas

 |Apr 3, 2017
Ezam Mohd Nor and Khairuddin Abu Hassan just formed a new party called “Party Free of Corruption”.

Ezam Mohd Nor and Khairuddin Abu Hassan have already had their five minutes of fame and they should have enjoyed it while it lasted.

The problem with five minutes of fame is just that: it lasts only five minutes.

Ezam and Khairuddin are the president and deputy of their new party, Parti Bebas Rasuah (PBR).

And they hope their new party will be admitted into Pakatan Harapan.

First of all, Party Free of CorruptionĀ is a most corny name for a political party.

Secondly, if they hope that the launching of their new party is going to be an earth shattering event then they have overrated themselves.

It is time for them to move on.

Their days of fame are long gone.

Young Malaysians are looking for fresh faces with fresh ideas.

Unless this new party can come out with something new, then they are as current as a first generation Iphone.

Raja Sara Petra is a MO reader and a political commentator. Raja Sara understands that every Malaysian, like the three generations of her family before her, must do their bit for Malaysia. Although she was from what can be considered as an elite family, she empathises with the difficulties most Malaysians have to endure in their daily lives.