Malaysia needs visionary leaders

Apr 3, 2017

Letter to editor

The writer claims that MyPPP president M. Kayveas (with a baby) is a visionary leader.

As the country feverishly gears towards its general elections, the media scape is getting littered with all kinds of political brick brats, allegations and counter slamming.

You name it and you will find something in either the mainstream media, the on-line media and certainly in the social media that knows no gatekeeping.

But amidst all the slants, slanders and often outrageous statements being hurled across the political fences of the ruling government and the opposition parties as well as within both camps, there do appear one or two politicians who have risen above the incessant and eroding political tides of the times.

One such remarkable politician is M. Kayveas of myPPP.

Although there will be quarters that will not take so kindly to even the very mention of this name, truth cannot be hidden for too long.

Anyone who keeps track of the sayings and doings of politicians will recognise that Kayveas qualifies as a ‘visionary politician’.

All one has to do is to track this man in all his field trips and watch his office doors to awaken to the truth that here is one politician who does not dissipate the political turf.

He is obsessed with reaching out to the sick, the poor, the helpless, the complaining, giving hope to the helpless and hopeless.

Here is one leader who seems to be very much at home in bridging religious prejudices, racial undertones and social discrimination in order to alleviate people from the pain and suffering inflicted by others.

Lately, some pictures of him at work have been seen printed in some daily and are also posted on social media.

As shown here in the pictures (attached), how many politicians can easily walk through the multi-racial maze of prejudices, divisive mindsets and yet successfully reach out to citizens with a singular message of peace, prosperity, and progress for everyone?

Kayveas is a visionary leader as he militantly preaches about achieving success with positive mindsets.

He does not grovel in mudslinging as can be seen so often in some political corridors.

He bridges all communities.

He does not shy away from expressing his support, admiration and respect for the various religious communities and followers of multi-religious Malaysia.

He makes time to scale difficult terrains to be present at the various ceremonies of multicultural Malaysia.

Even mountain tribes are not left behind in his determination to see a1Malaysia rise from the political exhaustion of Malaysia’s divisive politics.

When you view the pictures of Malays, Chinese, Indian, Sikhs, Orang Asli and other minority citizens getting drawn up to him, you will accept with humility that here is a hopeful politician who is rising well and way above the shallow benchmarks of other politicians.

Anyone who dares to research his profile and humble background would be amazed – provided you are humble and ready to embrace the truth.

Here is a veteran politician who did not forget his roots.

Here is a leader who chose not to peddle his successes.

Kayveas has remained loyal to his mission of giving.

There is none who have walked through his doors when in need and who went away disillusioned – including (unfortunately) some faking cheats.

And if you had a chance to ask him why he does not discriminates, he grins sheepishly with the answer, “some of us are born to only give, others know only how to take”.

Education has been his baby at heart.

So many have seen through school or college by his quiet, unsung help rendered.

Businessmen have become rich through his willingness to help them pave a pathway through the corridors of power in their hour of hopelessness.

Those who are in benefit will quietly admit, I am certain.

Even as I write these testimonies I am sure the die-hard naysayers and politicians who thrive on divisive and destructive politicking will fork some unkind words and accounts to sledgehammer the truths about this visionary politician expressed here.

And there will also be some keyboard warriors who will not bat an eye to spew nasty condemnations.

Hopefully, more of our politicians from all across the political divide can learn fast that times are changing.

The citizens are empowered through social media.

They know the hallmark of our visionary politicians and can easily differentiate the stripes of fraudulent masquerades.

What Malaysia needs in order to march through the coming general elections is visionary politicians like Kayveas who walk the talk with a political mantra for peace, progress, and prosperity for all Malaysians.

J. D. Lovrenciear

J.D. Lovrenciear is the Business Ethics Institute of Malaysia executive director and the chairman of training and professional development bureau under the Institute of Public Relations Malaysia Council (Putrajaya).

Disclaimer – The opinions expressed above are strictly those of the author and do not reflect or represent the views of Malaysia Outlook.