DAP poll fraud – RoS in sleep mode, Tan Seng Giaw in silent mode

 |Mar 31, 2017
DAP internal election 2012 was marred by fraud, allegedly to maintain Lim Dynasty’s control over the party.

For the last one week, the internet has been abuzz with talk about DAP cheating in its December 15, 2012 party election.

In April 2013, the Registrar of Societies (RoS) issued a letter saying that it does not recognise the DAP congress due to the many complaints it received alleging fraud.

The weird thing is, that was all the RoS did.

After that the RoS went into sleep mode.

Is that all the RoS is for?

Does the RoS need not do more than that?

Equally weird is the deafening silence from Tan Seng Giaw (and the other DAP leaders mentioned such as Lim Kit Siang, Anthony Loke and Vincent Wu).

Does Seng Giaw’s silence mean he agrees with the allegation that the fraud was aimed at killing him off?

If such allegations had been made against others, by now DAP leaders would be jumping up and down like their pants were on fire.

Does DAP think they can just ignore the allegation and the matter will go away?

The onus is now on the RoS to say that the allegation was false.

If not then we must assume it was true against the backdrop of its April 2013 letter.

Raja Sara Petra is a MO reader and a political commentator. Raja Sara understands that every Malaysian, like the three generations of her family before her, must do their bit for Malaysia. Although she was from what can be considered as an elite family, she empathises with the difficulties most Malaysians have to endure in their daily lives.