Lim Kit Siang seems to have multiple personalities

Mar 27, 2017
DAP veteran leader Lim Kit Siang could be suffering from a multi-personality disorder.

Lim Kit Siang actions towards PAS president Hadi Awang continue to run from bizarre to showing signs of full blown multi-personality disorder.

Not too long ago Kit Siang said that he wanted to extend and olive branch to the PAS president.

Then a day or two later said that he was contemplating taking legal action against the PAS president.

More recently Kit Siang after drinking teh tarik fell into a hallucinated state and said that the DAP-led opposition did not need Hadi Awang as the PAS president was not interested in fighting corruption.

Just a couple of days ago Lim Kit Siang’s other personality has kicked in and now he is talking reconciliation with Hadi Awang.

Kit Siang says that PAS president should join DAP-led Pakatan Harapan, if Hadi was interested in ‘Saving Malaysia’.

Perhaps it should dawn on Kit Siang that in not joining DAP-led Pakatan, PAS was doing just that -‘Saving Malaysia’.

‘Saving Malaysia’ from the tentacles of the Lims, the Mahathirs and all of the others who make up the Anti Malaysia Coalition (AMC).

Yes, the “AMC”; what else would you call a group of people that would subvert the laws of the nation and try every underhanded trick that they can conjure up to overthrow Malaysia’s democratically elected leadership; Anti Malaysia Coalition.

So here we have one of Lim Kit Siang’s many personalities believing that PAS president Hadi Awang on one hand would be in agreement with an attempted coup and on the other hand he wants to enhance Islamic legal statutes.

Still, one should not be too surprised about Kit Siang’s actions.

After all he is the same man who dedicated most of his life going against Mahathir Mohamad only to have yet another of his personalities bromancing him.

The following is a short list of some of Lim Kit Siang’s multiple personalities.

There is …

The Kit Siang who sends Hadi Awang an olive branch.

The Kit Siang who contemplates taking legal action against PAS president Hadi Awang after having sent him the ‘olive branch’.

The Kit Siang who wants to forget about Hadi Awang and go after PAS grassroots supporters.

The Kit Siang who believes he can capture a million plus Umno voters.

The Kit Siang who fights against RUU225.

The Kit Siang who wants to reconcile with Hadi Awang.

Kit Siang the dictator.

The Kit Siang who does not see his own complicity in DAP defections.

The Kit Siang who ranted about BMF and now bromances Mahathir and forgets BMF.

The Kit Siang that willing to work with Prime Minister Najib Razak.

The Kit Siang who wants to topple the democratically elected prime minister.

The Kit Siang that is rumored to want to be both DPM and finance minister.

The Kit Siang who wants to fight government corruption.

And there is the hypocritical Kit Siang who has become conveniently silent about his son, Lim Guan Eng’s possible corruption.

It may be that Lim Kit Siang’s multiple personalities keep him clueless to why DAP members are abandoning ship as well as why Hadi’s PAS was not entering into his realm of self delusion.

People just don’t want to join crazy and with all of Kit Siang’s personalities that’s just how he is coming across; crazy! – The Malaysian Observer Blog