Lim Kit Siang could return to Penang to protect Lim Dynasty interests

 |Mar 27, 2017
The Lims are expected to field more Lim Dynasty loyalists as DAP candidates in GE14.

When Lim Kit Siang called on Johor Menteri Besar (MB) Khaled Nordin to consider going on leave pending the graft probe on an alleged land scam in the state, many political observers were bemused, perplexed by hypocrisy of the DAP veteran leader.

On one hand, Kit Siang’s call for Khaled to go on leave when the alleged case did not involve the MB. It was off the mark.

But then when didn’t Kit Siang call on Barisan Nasional leaders to go on leave or quit over mere allegations of graft or other criminality?

However, the same Kit Siang, a person who had written over 10 million words and supposedly had fought against corruption, malpractices, cronyism, nepotism and wrongdoings for nearly 50 years, did not see it right for his son and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to go on leave until today.

Guan Eng, also the DAP secretary-general, did not consider going on leave after he was charged last year with two counts of mega corruption scandal.

Kit Siang did not remind his son to go on leave to uphold integrity and dignity of the party, Penang government and the Lim Dynasty.

The two charges against Guan Eng and a businesswoman, Phang Li Koon, involved accusations that the chief minister had misused his position to buy a bungalow at below-market price and approved an application by Phang to convert a piece of agricultural land for commercial purposes.

The DAP, as expected, spun the charges as “politically motivated” by Barisan Nasional to oppress opposition leaders.

Lim Kit Siang will make sure his daughter Hui Ying is in a strong position to helm the Lim Dynasty if his son Guan Eng was jailed.

The DAP propaganda to safeguard Guan Eng was not a surprise.

But Kit Siang’s deafening silence over the bungalow-gate and Taman Manggis land scandals involving his son, was.

Kit Siang, supposedly a man of highest political integrity and dignity, failed to advise his son to go on leave over the twin mega land scandals in Penang.

Kit Siang had sensed that if Guan Eng were to go on leave, the DAP would be forced to appoint a new man to helm the positions of Penang chief minister and DAP secretary-general.

DAP undercurrents in Penang want the party state chairman Chow Kon Yeow to succeed as the chief minister, much to disliking of the Lim Dynasty.

Kit Siang knows Chow, once assuming the chief minister’s post, would destroy the influence of Lim Dynasty in Penang.

That could spill over into the party at national level.

Appointing Chow as the chief minister could be fatal for the Lim Dynasty, and Kit Siang knows that.

Thus, Kit Siang wants to return to Penang for the next general election (GE14).

Responding to a Malaysia Outlook report last Thursday, Kit Siang admitted to reporters that he was considering to contest in another seat away from his current parliamentary seat Gelang Patah.

But he stopped short of saying that he was coming back to Penang.

Kit Siang was ruling the roost in Penang from 1986 until 1999 before he moved to Ipoh Timur parliamentary seat in 2004.

A reliable source said Kit Siang could contest in Penang, perhaps in both state and parliament, or maybe just parliament.

By May, Kit Siang would pick his seat or seats.

Lim Guan Eng’s wife Betty Chew may also contest for DAP in Penang in GE14.

An insider said Kit Siang wanted to be in Penang as an elected representative to control the new chief minister, probably Chow, if his son was jailed.

The party source said: “Only Kit Siang can control Chow.”

Kit Siang is not interested to be the chief minister himself, but preferred to be the power being the throne.

With Kit Siang in Penang and his daughter Hui Ying, 55, as Penang DAP secretary, the Lim Dynasty will make certain its political interests were well protected.

Hui Ying is said has already been lined up to contest in a winnable state seat in Penang in GE14.

Being the party state secretary, Hui Ying, once elected to public office as expected, will be named as a state executive councillor, probably taking over from incumbent Chong Eng.

So Lim Dynasty will have Kit Siang and his daughter, as Penang DAP secretary and a state executive councillor, to “check and balance” the new chief minister after Guan Eng.

With his son in jail, Kit Siang will ensure that his daughter would be well placed to take charge of Lim Dynasty, Penang government and DAP.

Don’t forget his daughter-in-law Betty Chew Gek Cheng, formerly Kota Laksamana assemblyman, is also eligible to contest either a state or a parliament seat in Penang.

If the jailed Anwar Ibrahim could field himself, wife and daughter in elections and former Premier Mahathir Mohamad can lobby for his son Mukhriz for the premiership, why not Kit Siang?

Athi Shankar has been a journalist for past 30 years. He believes that democratic rights come with responsibility.