Movie review: Go, go watch Power Rangers!

 |Mar 23, 2017
Power Rangers press screening held at TGV Cinemas in Sunway Velocity Mall last night. – MO pic by Farah Harith.

For those who grew up in the 90s, the recent uncertainty pertaining to the Power Rangers movie screening may have played on their emotions, particularly if they were fans of the multi-coloured teenage superheroes.

With reports coming in about the sexual preference of the Yellow Ranger, it was an intense wait for fans on whether the movie would receive the same uncertain fate as the much talked about Beauty and the Beast.

However, the uncertainty did not last long as Power Rangers’ local distributor Tanjong Golden Village (TGV) Pictures announced yesterday that the movie has been given the greenlight for screening, without any cuts.

The press screening scheduled last night went off without a hitch at the TGV cinemas in Sunway Velocity Mall.

With popcorn in hand, this Power Rangers fan strolled into the theatre with a smile on her face, eagerly awaiting for the moment to be transported back to the time when life’s biggest concern was whether Kimberly (Pink Ranger) would ever hook up with Tommy (White Ranger).

The year was circa 1994-1995 and for those who still remember, Power Rangers was aired over RTM. The slot was around 7pm and aired back to back with a local game show called Perdana Ria.

It is hard to believe it is now more than 20 years since I religiously followed the Mighty Morphin’ series, complete with a card collection obtained from those coin-operated machines at supermarkets.

For Lionsgate to embark on a Power Rangers adventure, it can be said that it is a rather risky endeavour, considering the Rangers have easily been overtaken by the presence of other superheroes of late. DC and Marvel have had their superheroes brought to life on a larger scale, picking up new fans along the way.

The original Jason, Billy, Zack, Tommy, Kimberly and Trini have become a distant memory for those who are now in their early 30s to 40s.

With that said, as a fan, I for one am grateful Lionsgate made the decision to bring the Rangers to the big screen once again. For those who don’t remember, the Power Rangers first got their movie break in 1995 at the hands of director Bryan Spicer. Ivan Ooze, anyone?

As a whole, the new Power Rangers movie successfully serves as a major throwback for fans. It’s definitely morphin’ time like the good old days with upgrades thrown in.

Watching it felt like a reunion of all things familiar, and the upgrades did not interfere much with the original.

Rita Repulsa is hotter, to name one minor change. Who says evil has to be ugly. The Hunger Games’ Elizabeth Banks did a fairly good job as the Rangers’ arch nemesis. Not much can be said about her sidekicks, perhaps I still prefer her Putty Patrol in grey bodysuits and not the newer rock formation based army.

It can be said that director Dean Israelite managed to stick to the essence of the Mighty Morphin’ series, possibly realising that this movie would attract grown-up fans.

As a movie viewed separately from its sentimental elements, Power Rangers is a fairly average film. It has its moments and the action sequence are executed decently.

Giving the characters a more detailed history worked in the movie’s favour as well. It may have been a bit too long however, if Lionsgate is planning on turning this venture into a series of films, that is to be expected.

With all that said, as a mega 90s throwback, this is a must watch film, even more so for fans of the original television series. Keep your eyes peeled for a couple of very special cameos as well. It is one of those blink or you’ll miss it moments so here’s a piece of advice: don’t blink!

Power Rangers opens in cinemas nationwide today (March 23). Go, go watch it!

Farah Harith has been in the media industry since 2008. Her field of work has been predominantly centred on politics and human interest. She joined the industry to have a better grasp on the issues plaguing the masses.