Malaysia contributes USD1 million for humanitarian aid in Iraq, Syria

 |Mar 23, 2017
Meeting of the foreign ministers of the Global Coalition against the Islamic State (IS) in Washington DC. – Pic credit Facebook Wisma Putra.

Malaysia has contributed USD1 million for humanitarian assistance in the newly liberated areas of Iraq and Syria.

Wisma Putra in a statement today said the announcement was made by Foreign Minister Anifah Aman in his speech at the Meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Global Coalition against Isis on Wednesday in Washington.

He said Malaysia fully supported the Global Coalition’s call for urgent funding for the said areas that were previously under the control of the Isis.

“I am pleased to announce Malaysia’s contribution of 1 million USD to the fund, to be earmarked for humanitarian assistance in the said areas,” Anifah said, reaffirming Malaysia’s unequivocal support and commitment to the Global Coalition in its endeavour to degrade and ultimately defeat Isis.

Anifah was on a working visit hosted by newly appointed US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, which seeks to intensify the campaign to defeat Da’esh with the collaboration of 68 partners of the Global Coalition.

He said following the country’s success in deradicalising and rehabilitating Isis sympathisers and operatives, Malaysia was ready to share its expertise with other countries in countering terrorism.

“Deradicalisation remains an indispensable component in Malaysia’s counter terrorism strategy. We subscribe to the belief that those who have been convicted under our terrorism-related laws had been misled into embracing a completely objectionable version of Islam.

“Therefore, deradicalisation and rehabilitation are important to enable them to be reintegrated into society. Our success rate stands at 97.5 per cent,” he said.

Earlier in his speech, Anifah said following the strengthening of the country’s national legislations in 2015, the number of terrorist suspects arrested by the Malaysian authorities had increased substantially.

“This is indeed a very alarming trend. We therefore count on the continued collaboration with our partners in providing timely intelligence.”

He highlighted moderation as an all-encompassing approach that emphasises the values of understanding, tolerance, mutual respect and inclusiveness in resolving differences and conflicts peacefully.

He noted how these are the very noble values that are non-existent in the wayward ideology of Isis.

“Retelling the narrative of true Islam that embraces these virtues is as vital in countering extremism as it is in putting a stop to the barbarities perpetrated by these misguided people,” he said. – Bernama