Google Doodle pays tribute to P. Ramlee

 |Mar 22, 2017

He would have been 88 today.

March 22 marks the birthday of Malaysia’s arts legend, which to many, is still one that remains irreplaceable, the great P. Ramlee.

In honouring the film actor, director, singer, composer, lyricist, producer and comedian, Google unveiled a P. Ramlee Doodle today.

Decked in a checkered suit with a guitar next to him, holding a megaphone and a script in his hands, the Google Doodle beautifully highlights his many talents, be it in in front of the camera or behind.

P. Ramlee passed away in 1973 at the age of 44. While the saying goes that life begins at 40, for the great legend, he had already accomplished so much by the time he was 40.

Having started out in the late 1940s, his first screen role was in the film Chinta in 1948. P. Ramlee was barely 20 at the time.

From then on, the sky was the limit and P. Ramlee realised his true potential as a talented and gifted artistic legend.

Among the films that sealed his place on the top spot of our entertainment hall of fame are the Bujang Lapok series, the Do Re Mi series, Ibu Mertuaku, Semerah Padi, Masam Masam Manis, to name a few.

P. Ramlee was a star in all sense of the word, particularly due to his ability to carry out various roles. He was able to make his audience laugh, cry and smile.

Not only that, P. Ramlee’s velvety voice and musical styling proved that he was a multi-talented man.

From his passing in 1973, it is safe to say that Malaysia has yet to see a man as artistically gifted as the person whose real name was Teuku Zakaria bin Teuku Nyak Puteh.

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