Robert Kuok leads 11 other Malaysians as world’s richest men

Mar 21, 2017
Robert Kuok is the world’s richest Malaysian.

A total 12 Malaysians made it to Forbes’ latest annual ranking of the world’s billionaires.

The richest in Malaysia is Robert Kuok, ranked 115 on the list with net worth of US$11.4bil.

He is also the oldest on the list at age 93.

The rest on the list are Quek Leng Chan (ranked 202, net worth: US$6.8bil), T. Ananda Krishnan (US$6.5bil), Lee Shin Cheng (348, US$4.7bil), Teh Hong Piow (348, US$4.7bil), Lau Cho Kun (973, US$2.1bil), Yeoh Tiong Lay (973, US$2.1bil), Tiong Hew King (1,030, US$2bil), Syed Mokhtar Albukhary (1,161, US$1.8bil), Chen Lip Keong (1,290, US$1.6bil), Kuan Kam Hong (1,940, US$1bil) and Desmond Lim Siew Choon (1,940, US$1bil).

Forbes said a record 2,043 billionaires made it to the 31st annual ranking of the world’s billionaires (2016: 1,810 billionaires), as featured in the March 28, 2017 issue of Forbes magazine.

The total combined net worth of this year’s billionaires was US$7.67 trillion as of February 17, up 18.4% from US$6.48 trillion last year.

Forbes said regionally, Asia-Pacific boasts the most number of billionaires at 720.

This is followed by the United States with 565 and Europe with 530.

For the fourth year in a row, Bill Gates remains at the top spot on the Forbes list, with a fortune of US$86bil (up from US$75bil in 2016),

The others in the Top 10 are Warren Buffett (net worth of US$86bil), Jeff Bezos (US$72.8bil), Amancio Ortega (US$71.3bil), Mark Zuckerberg (US$56bil), Carlos Slim Helu (US$54.5bil), Larry Ellison (US$52.2bil), Charles Koch (US$48.3bil), David Koch (US$48.3bil) and Michael Bloomberg (US$47.5bil).

US president Donald Trump, incidentally, ranks 544th with net worth of US$3.5bil.

The richest Asian are Wang Jianlin from China (18th on the list with US$31.3bil) and Li Ka-shing of Hong Kong (19th spot, US$31.2bil).