Fuel prices to go up in February

 |Jan 31, 2017
File pic credit www.thrillist.com / Barkau.
File pic credit www.thrillist.com / Barkau.

Fuel prices are set to go up at midnight with RON95 and RON97 to increase by 20 sen per litre.

RON95 will be sold at RM2.30 per litre in February, up 20 sen from RM2.10 in January.

RON97 will increase to RM2.60 per litre from RM2.40.

As for Diesel, its February price will be RM2.15 per litre, up 10 sen from RM2.05 in January.

Social media as well as WhatsApp group chats were rife earlier with speculation that fuel prices would see an increase for February.

The speculation was that RON95 would retail at RM2.25, RON97 at RM2.45 and Diesel at RM2.25.

In another viral incident, many were sharing news articles of the fuel price drop last February, thinking it was current news.

In February 2016, RON95 dropped 10 sen to RM1.75, RON97 dropped 20 sen to RM2.05 while Diesel dropped 25 sen to RM1.35.