Lim Kit Siang should clean up own backyard first

 |Jan 26, 2017
Lim Kit Siang should come clean on his alleged ambition to become DPM and finance minister.
Lim Kit Siang should come clean on his alleged ambition to become DPM and finance minister.

Lim Kit Siang is a parliamentary opposition leader in Malaysia for a long time before he relinquished his position to make way for a Malay leader a few years ago.

He has been around since the days of first Prime Minister (PM) Tunku Abdul Rahman.

He can be described as the dinosaur of Malaysian politics.

Since 1960s, Kit Siang’s statements, remarks, speeches, blog postings and tweets all these years have had been condemning, mocking and ridiculing the federal government and the country in every possible way.

Maybe the DAP senior leader thought his job was to oppose anything and everything for the sake of opposing.

He hardly has had given any constructive idea and proposal to address or resolve an issue.

All he knows was to criticise, condemn and belittle every government effort.


Now he has come up with a new term to condemn the Barisan Nasional-led federal government – ‘Kleptocracy Malaysia’, and he is said to be on a roadshow trail all over the country to spew his usual venom at the establishment.

According to Wikipedia, kleptocracy is an ancient Greek word describing “a rule by thieves”.

Perhaps Kit Siang was referring ‘kleptocracy Malaysia’ to a particular state chief minister (CM), who is now a graft accused embroiled in a bungalow-gate scandal?

Kit Siang should be talking about this real happening, not something imaginary.

That word kleptocracy was made popular in Malaysia by a foreign lawyer, US Attorney-General Loretta Elizabeth Lynch during her ‘gung-ho’ press conference on July 20, 2016 on Malaysian sovereign wealth fund – the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

Now the question is what happened to the 1MDB case?

Lynch and the US Department of Justice (DOJ) clamoured the 1MDB case as if was the most important case in the world and that the United States, in its capacity as the ‘global police’, would go all out to nab the ‘kleptocrats’.

Now what happened to the case, Kit Siang?

Malaysians have heard nothing about the DOJ-1MDB case since then.

Perhaps Kit Siang could help Malaysians to first find out the status of the DOJ-1MDB case before embarking on his uncorroborated roadshow to hoodwink the people with lies and half-truths.

Lim Kit Siang should explain on how on earth he could merge with Mahathir after spewing so much venom against the former premier previously.
Lim Kit Siang should explain on how on earth he could merge with Mahathir after spewing so much venom against the former premier previously.

Cover up

Kit Siang may have embarked on a roadshow merely to distract and divert Malaysians from observing current troubles in Pakatan Harapan – Pribumi unholy alliance and also the bungalow-gate scandal.

DAP grassroots are said to be upset and distraught with the party unholy cooperation with Mahathir Mohamad’s Pribumi.

Kit Siang himself is now a subject of speculation as Mahathir Mohamad had revealed that the DAP wanted to assume the post of DPM and finance minister if Pakatan Harapan – Pribumi axis wins the next general election (GE14).

The DAP leader is yet to make a statutory declaration (SD), as suggested by Tunku Abdul Aziz and Tengku Sarifuddin, although he had refuted such claims, albeit verbally.

Being a veteran politician, Kit Siang should know that the people had the right to know on what would be in store for them if they voted in Pakatan Harapan – Pribumi axis as the federal government in GE14.

Kit Siang should also clarify on another speculation that he wanted to meet PAS leadership to secure its endorsement for him to become DPM and finance minister.

In his latest statement, Kit Siang has claimed that it was not a crime to vie for post of DPM and even described the SD demand by his detractors as “childish political play.”

If it was a childish political play, why didn’t Kit Siang just openly admit that he wants to be DPM and finance minister to prove that he was a gutsy adult politician?

Kit Siang must come clean on all these before even he can think about hosting an impulsive roadshow to smear the federal government.

Talking about kleptocracy, Kit Siang should reevaluate his new found political friendship with certain ex-Umno leaders, whom he had previously charged as corrupt.

Surely Kit Siang is not suffering from selective amnesia.

He should remember the spiteful speeches and remarks he had disgorged all these years against his new friends about their corrupted and undemocratic rule of the country previously.

So instead of pointing figures on others, Kit Siang should sit before a mirror and reflect himself on whether he was a man of principle and whiter than white as he had always portrayed him to be.

Just because DAP felt it had secured 90% of the Chinese votes, Kit Siang cannot go on pretending that all was well in his party and the opposition bloc, and deceive the people by spinning tales after tales about the federal government.

The opposition bloc cannot even agree on who will be the PM and DPM if it wins GE14 for the unholy coalition is made up of warring parties, fighting for their own survival and for different agenda.

One party want to free a sodomy convict from jail and, within the same party, another group is against it.

Another newly formed opposition party has a sole agenda – make a ‘boboi’ the PM.

One more want to seize the split among Malays in opposition to grab the DPM seat and Finance Ministry.

Lastly, a Malay-Muslim based party sponsored by a Chinese-based party simply does not know where it was heading to, perhaps because it does not even know why it exist in the first place.

The opposition is in the mess, Kit Siang. You know it.

Clean up your home first. Your own backyard is dirty and filthy, Kit Siang.

People want to know what’s happening at your side of political landscape.

Stop deceiving the people with propaganda of lies and half-truths.

One can run for a while but can’t hide forever.

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Athi Shankar has been a journalist for past 30 years. He believes that democratic rights come with responsibility.