Vell Paari blasted opposition Indian leaders for ganging up with Mahathir

 |Oct 29, 2016
MIC treasurer Vell Paari said Najib was the first ever Malaysian prime minister to introduce special initiatives for Indians.
MIC treasurer Vell Paari said Najib was the first ever Malaysian prime minister to introduce special initiatives for Indians.

A MIC leader today blasted the opposition and opposition-friendly Indian leaders for teaming up with former Indian ‘tormentor’ Mahathir Mohamad to dislodge Prime Minister Najib Razak via back door.

MIC treasurer S Vell Paari said these leaders, notably DAP Ipoh Barat MP M. Kula Segaran, PKR’s Subang MP R. Sivarasa lawyer P. Uthayakumar and Hindraf national chairman P. Waytha Moorthy, had conveniently forgotten the damages done on the Indian community during Mahathir premiership between 1981 and 2003.

He noted that Penang Deputy Chief Minister II (DCM2) P. Ramasamy had even condemned Mahathir for doing nothing for Indians and promoting racist policies.

“However, suddenly now these Indian leaders in the opposition have done a major u-turn by working and joining forces with Mahathir to remove the prime minister. Mahathir is the same man who was responsible for the marginalisation of Indians for 22 years of his premiership.

“Has the opposition now turned a blind eye on all the mistakes made by Dr. Mahathir?” asked Vell Paari in a statement today.

He suggested that the opposition was getting insecure with the continued perseverance and dedication of PM Najib to directly reach out and engage the Indian community.

Due to the PM’s popularity with the Indian community, he said the opposition was now bankrupt of ideas and had resorted to all acts of belittling efforts taken by the PM for the community.

“I can reiterate and confirm again that the opposition leaders, especially the Indian leaders are all cheap talkers without any substance.

“They rant and foam through their mouths attacking the Prime Minister Najib for his Indian specific initiatives. But they themselves failed to assist to improve the Indian community’s social and economic status.

“Fortunately, the Indian community has now realised that the opposition cannot be trusted and counted for in times of hardship,” said Vell Paari.

He pointed out that Najib in his Budget 2017 had reiterated the federal government’s commitment to spur economic growth, maintain fiscal stability and improve the living standards for the bottom 40% households in this country.

He said Najib was the first premier to ever acknowledge the special needs of the Indian community and made sure Indian specific initiatives are included in the budget.

He said Najib’s government had contributed to the Indian community through Secretariat for Empowerment of Indian Entrepreneurs (Seed) under the Prime Minster’s Department (PMD).

The BN government, he said had channelled about RM696 million to assist and empower Indian entrepreneurs in their business through Seed.

As of now, 23,851 entrepreneurs had been assisted via this program since 2012.

Another RM100 million has also been allotted via the Socio-Economic Development of the Indian Community (Sedic), also under PMD, to assist NGOs and training institutions of the Indian community.

Najib has also announced Tekun loans up to RM50 million, RM30 million in micro-credit financing via Amanah Ikthiar Malaysia, RM30 million for Indian women entrepreneurs, RM30 million for youth training and finally hundreds of million for maintenance and repair of Tamil schools.

“These Indian specific initiatives compliment the annual budget,” said Vell Paari, adding that the opposition on the other hand had done nothing for the Indian community in Kelantan, Selangor and Penang.

He noted that the DAP-controlled Penang government dared not even reveal statistics on how many Indians had obtained low and low-medium cost houses in the state for past eight years.

“Why the DAP government never published the numbers of Indian families who managed to get a low cost house in Penang?” asked Vell Paari.

Athi Shankar has been a journalist for past 30 years. He believes that democratic rights come with responsibility.