DAP keen to gain profit from Penang PTMP

 |Oct 26, 2016
Tan Teik Cheng shows Nikkei Asian Review to justify that PTMP has its weakness.
Tan Teik Cheng shows Nikkei Asian Review to justify that PTMP has its weakness.

The DAP state government is only interested to make profits out of the Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP), critics Penang MCA deputy chairman Tan Teik Cheng.

Tan said the state government is not bothered about the heritage status given by Unesco.

“Mega projects are required in Penang, however if it is destroying the heritage enclave, it is not accepted.

“The state government failed to convince the Penangites and NGOs to accept the PTMP.

“Even the feasibility study performed for the undersea tunnel cost a lot of money.

“It’s time to stop the white elephant project by the state government,” said Tan.

Tan believes the PTMP proposed by the state government is more suitable for the city development.

Citing Nikkei Asian Review, Tan said town planning experts have denounced the plan put forward by the state government.

The fiercest critic on the PTMP project, Penang Forum has been strongly campaigning against the plan claiming it will affect environment, financial capacity and heritage.

Tan echoes the alternative transport system proposed by Penang Forum such as bus, tram and bicycle will surely to do away with traffic congestion in the state.

“Why the state government not interested on the alternative master plan proposed by Penang Forum?

“An estimated cost to build tram track to the airport costs RM 1.68 billion compared to the LRT which will reach RM 4.4 billion,” added Tan.

Penang Forum suggested that yearly operation and maintenance cost for tram is cost effective.

Tan wants the state government to put a full stop of PTMP that could endanger the Unesco heritage status.

The Penangites don’t want to lose the heritage status, stressed Tan.



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