Why Perkasa so silent!

 |Oct 26, 2016
Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali (left) with the organisation founding patron Mahathir Mohamad.
Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali (left) with the organisation founding patron Mahathir Mohamad.

In 2008 Perkasa was formed soon after the general election ‘disaster’ in March that same year when Barisan Nasional lost five states and 82 Parliament seats.

According to Ibrahim Ali, Perkasa is Mahathir Mohamad’s brainchild and, as Perkasa’s patron, the old man directs Ibrahim Ali on what to do and calls all the shorts.

In short, Ibrahim Ali is merely Mahathir’s proxy to front for the old man. Perkasa is actually Mahathir.

What was the reason that Perkasa was formed and so soon after the 2008 election fiasco on top of that?

According to Mahathir (who was fed up that for two years since 2006 he had been trying to oust Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi but could not) Umno was weak and no longer looked after the interest of the Malays.

So, since Umno no longer cares about the Malays, Perkasa needs to be formed to do the job that Umno was not doing.

In other words, while Umno might be Malaysia’s Sinn Fein (the Irish republican party of Ireland), Perkasa is the IRA (the Irish Republican Army).

Both exist in parallel and while one tries to win elections the other is involved in militancy.

But do they not already have that, Pekida, that was formed after the 1969 general election disaster and the race riots that followed that?

True, they have Pekida.

But Mahathir does not have total control of Pekida.

For example, while Mahathir may be the patron of the Kedah branch of Pekida, Abdullah was the head of the Penang branch of Pekida.

Mahathir needed a militant movement that he had total control of.

That was why he formed Perkasa and placed his most loyal stooge, Ibrahim Ali, as its head.

But then, as the news reports below show, Perkasa was united and very loyal to Mahathir for seven years from 2008 till 2015.

Mahathir warned Najib that if Umno neglects the Malays then Perkasa was going to replace Umno.

However, when Mahathir started attacking Najib, Perkasa split into two between the pro-Mahathir and pro-Najib factions.

Mahathir could not get Perkasa to stand solidly behind him and demand Najib’s resignation.

This was just like in the case of Pekida in 2006 when some supported Mahathir and some supported Abdullah.

Mahathir could not unite Pekida behind him to demand Abdullah’s resignation, which was why in 2008 Perkasa was launched.

But now Perkasa, too, is not united behind Mahathir.

So Mahathir had no choice but to launch a new movement, the Anti-Najib Campaign (ANC).

There was no way Perkasa (or even Pekida) will support Mahathir (at least not 100%) to demand Najib’s resignation or plot his ouster.

Have you not noticed that from 2008 to 2015 Perkasa had been very militant and very vocal?

They warned Umno that if Umno neglects the Malays then Perkasa might even turn itself into a political party and contest the general elections and ‘take’ all those Umno seats.

If Umno fails the Malays then Perkasa is going to take over and replace Umno.

In 2015, the heavy putsch to oust Najib was launched and suddenly Perkasa went silent.

First they saw how DAP split PAS by creating PAN.

Then Mahathir split Umno.

So now the Malays are split into five, if you want to include PKR.

The Chinese, however, are united under DAP and Pakatan Harapan (according to DAP they have 90% Chinese support).

The whole purpose of creating Perkasa in 2008, after the 2008 general election disaster, was to make sure the Malays retain political power.

Now, the Malays are worse off than in 2008.

And the mastermind of Perkasa, Mahathir, is the cause of that.

So Perkasa is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

If they support their boss, Mahathir, then they would be violating the very Charter for the founding of Perkasa.

So it is better they say nothing and do nothing.

Mahathir, Mukhriz and Muhyiddin Yassin have made it very clear that their objective is to destroy Umno.

First it was ‘oust Najib to Save Umno’.

Now it has been changed to ‘oust Umno to Save Malaysia’.

Perkasa was formed in 2008 to defend Umno and to make sure it is not destroyed — and take over from Umno if it can no longer serve the Malays.

But now the game-plan is not to save Umno but to destroy Umno.

Ibrahim Ali is a Mahathir diehard although once upon a time, back in the late 1980s, he said when Mahathir dies he is going to kencing (urinate) on the old man’s grave.

Now Ibrahim Ali is not able to decide whether to support Mahathir and see Umno destroyed or whether to save Umno, which means go against Mahathir and kencing the old man … Read More.

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