Big Sam could takeover Black Cats from Moyes

Oct 24, 2016
Sacked England manager Sam Allardyce was spotted at Old Trafford during Manchester United's 4-1 win over Fenerbahce in the Europa League,
Sacked England manager Sam Allardyce was spotted at Old Trafford during Manchester United’s 4-1 win over Fenerbahce in the Europa League,

Speculation mounts surrounding the possibility of sacked England boss Sam Allardyce replacing the embattled Sunderland manager David Moyes in an attempt to fortify the strugglers, who currently sit bottom of the Premier League with just two points from nine games.

Henry Winter, from The Times, believes it was a job Allardyce would consider and told Sunday Supplement: “You look at the situation that Moyes is in and, unless he can revive the squad and them going, Allardyce, they know the impact he can have on the squad.

“Let’s be honest, sadly the sacking season will intensify and there will be jobs. There will be reservations because of the way Allardyce lost the England job but club chairmen will just look at the balance sheet and, if they’re struggling down at the bottom, they will look to an individual like Sam Allardyce to keep him up.”

Reports in the papers have linked Sam Allardyce with a return to struggling Black Cats.

But not all members of the Sunday Supplement panel agreed, with Sunday Mirror’s Andy Dunn questioning why the former Sunderland would want to return to a team destined for relegation.

Dunn, who believes Allardyce will wait until the New Year before looking to return to management, said: “Why would Sam consider going back to Sunderland? A lot of people are saying that with Moyes under pressure it’s an obvious thing to say that Sam could go back in, but I don’t see why Sam would want to do that.

“He knows how poor that Sunderland side is – it’s no better than it was last season and Sam performed a miracle to keep them up last season. Is that really going to happen again?

Allardyce was pictured inside a football stadium on Thursday for the first time since losing his job, when he joined Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford to take in Manchester United’s 4-1 win over Fenerbahce from the directors’ box.

The 62-year-old left his position as England manager after just one game in charge following a newspaper sting in which he told undercover reporters posing as businessmen it was possible to “get around” an FA rule banning third parties from owning part of a player’s economic rights.

The report also showed Allardyce appearing to mock predecessor Roy Hodgson, while also discussing England’s Euro 2016 exit and Gary Neville.

Shaun Custis, the Sun’s Head of Sport, told Neil Ashton he believes Allardyce will aim to secure another management role, as he will not want to end his career on a low.

Custis added: “I think he might like to eventually. I think he would probably like a break through Christmas. I don’t think he would want to finish his career the way it finished with England. I think, ultimately, going forward, he believes he could still do a job with a club and I think there will be clubs who want him. “