Najib, BN leaders slam opposition lawmaker’s walk out

 |Oct 21, 2016
BN leaders slam the Opposition lawmakers walk out during the Budget 2017 tabling at Parliament today.
BN leaders slam the Opposition lawmakers walk out during the Budget 2017 tabling at Parliament today.

Prime Minister Najib Razak advised the opposition lawmakers to be more respectful despite having different political ideologies.

Najib said as a leader amid different ideologies and opinions, one should know how to uphold the democracy of the parliament.

“We should be more respectful towards one another because the people judge politicians based on attitudes,” he said at the parliament lobby on Friday after tabling the Budget 2017.

Barisan National member of parliaments also echoed Najib’s view and slammed the opposition lawmakers who walked out of the Dewan Rakyat during the Budget 2017 tabling.

Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said the Opposition lawmakers were “unprofessional”.

“They showed no respect for the Parliament,”he told this to newsmen at the Parliament lobby today.

On another note, Khairy said he is happy with the allocation given to his ministry.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Azalina Othman lambasted the opposition MPs and described them as “biadap dan tidak beradab” (rude and not civilised).

“Like what the speaker said, they are rude.

“We are politicians..We are suppose to agree to disagree and vice versa.

“Being a politician, you have to be a gentlemen lah..You can voice your objections  during the debate, not walking out rudely like this,” she said at the parliament lobby today.

Echoing Khairy, she said they were unprofessional and does not show a good example to the younger generation.

“This budget tabling is live telecast..bear in mind school children will be watching and children can pick up bad things very fast.

“This does not set a good example for the future generation.

“Incidents like this does not occur in other countries like the United Kingdom because the lawmakers respect the Parliament house,” she added.

When questioned Azalina on PAS lawmakers not following the DAP and PKR lawmakers walking out of the parliament, she described them as ‘beradab'(civilised).

“Thats why…they (PAS) are beradab (civilised), not like this people championing and channeling issues in a wrongful manner,” she said.

Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid said the oppositions could not stand with Najib’s budget tabling, hence, they protested.

“Mereka tu tak boleh tahan la..sebab tu perangai macam tu ( they cannot stand the budget tabling, that is why they behave as such),” he said.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Abdul Rahman Dahlan also described their act as “non-professional” and the incident was not necessary.


Priya Pubalan has been a journalist for the past three years and counting. She believes in human equality, law and justice. She thinks capitalism should be abolished and mankind should give importance to education.