Bishop urged to stay focused – Tunku Aziz

 |Oct 21, 2016
Bishop Bernard should stay focused on religious matters than politics.
Bishop Bernard should stay focused on religious matters than politics.

Malacca and Johor Catholic Diocese Bishop Bernard Paul is urged to look into his church affairs rather than involving himself in politics.

He should be concerned about corruption in the Catholic Church, the Vatican, the sexual abuse of boys under their care by Catholic priests reported widely around the world.

This man is a disgrace to the cassock he dons, trying to ape (no pun intended) Cardinal Sin who inspired Mrs. Aquino’s yellow shirts to bring down the dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

He should give up his priesthood and become a full time opposition politician and wear a XXXL yellow T-shirt to cover his sins and shame.

The wayward Bishop needs to be reminded that Malaysia is not a Catholic majority country.

He should concentrate on his religious pastoral duties and obligations to his flock and keep out of politics and stop hiding behind the sanctity of the church to promote hate and disunity in society.

The Vatican should investigate this man of God and so should the police. He is posing a serious threat to peace and security.

It is a fact many churches, especially the Catholic houses of worship, have often offered their pulpits to individuals promoting anti-Islam and Umno.

They should ponder and reflect seriously upon the consequences of desecrating the House of Christ and undermining peace on earth.

Repent Bishop!

Tunku Abdul Aziz is the former Special Adviser to former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan on the Establishment of the UN Ethics Office and former Adviser to Bank Negara Malaysia.