Madonna offers oral sex to Americans who votes for Hillary Clinton

 |Oct 20, 2016

Pop-singer Madonna just offered oral sex to voters who mark their ballots for candidate Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in the upcoming U.S presidential election.

In a video uploaded on youtube, believed to be the opening ceremony of comedian Amy Schumer in New York City, the 58-year old pop-star made her proposition to a packed house at Madison Square Garden.

She said she would offer a bl**job to voters that she is pretty “good” at it.

“One more thing before I introduce this genius of comedy: If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a bl**job – and I am good,” she joked, channeling the crass humour of Schumer.

The pop-singer from Michigan, United States is known to be bold and believed to be cousins with Hillary Clinton.

In 2012, in her endorsement for President Barack Obama’s reelection, she urged her audience to vote for a “black Muslim”.

“Y’all better vote for f***ing Obama, OK? For better or worse, all right? We have a black Muslim in the White House. Now that’s some amazing s**t,” she told a sold out crowd in September 2012, adding her thoughts on Mr Obama’s support for LGBTQ rights.

In response to that, she received backlashes from the people of the incorrect remarks about the president’s religion and Madonna responded :

“I was being ironic on stage. Yes, I know Obama is not a Muslim – though I know that plenty of people in this country think he is…. And what if he were? The point I was making is that a good man is a good man no matter who he prays to.

“I don’t care what religion Obama is – nor should anyone else in America,” she said.

Her guts and endorsement for Hillary was thought-provoking and perhaps might raise some doubts before the Republicans mark their ballots for Donald Trump.

The election is the 58th quadrennial United States presidential is scheduled on November 8, 2016

Priya Pubalan has been a journalist for the past three years and counting. She believes in human equality, law and justice. She thinks capitalism should be abolished and mankind should give importance to education.